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Student support

  • What careers advice is available?
    Students are increasingly interested in making themselves more employable from the start of their degree. Careers and employability offer a range of services to help. Read more.
  • Does the University offer disability and dyslexia support?
    Yes, we provide support to students with particular disability or dyslexia requirements. Staff can offer advice on appropriate support and liaise with faculties to ensure this is done effectively. Read more.
    We also offer a mentoring scheme for students with disabilities to develop communication, academic and life skills. Read more.
  • Do students need to register with a doctor?
    Yes, the Kingston University Health Centre, which has an on-site GP surgery service, will be available during enrolment. It also offers wellbeing workshops, counselling and alternative therapies. Read more.
  • Do students need any vaccines before starting at Kingston?
    Yes, we recommend that new students have one dose of the Meningitis C vaccine and two doses of the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccine before starting at Kingston. Read more.
  • Are there places to buy food on the University's campuses?
    Yes, students are able to buy freshly-made meals and snacks from our on-campus Foodstores.
  • What if a student has a complaint?
    The University has a Student Complaints Procedure for students to raise issues regarding the service they have received from the University. More information on the procedure can be found on our policies and regulations page.
  • What is the students' union?
    The Union of Kingston Students is an unincorporated association with exempt charitable status. It aims to advance the education of its members and students of the University as a whole, representing the interests and needs of its members. Read more.
  • Is there somewhere to pray at the University?
    Yes, the University has rooms for prayer and reflection on the Penrhyn Road and Kingston Hill sites that can be used by people of all faiths. There are also a number of active student religious groups and many places of worship in the local community. The University's faith adviser is available to give advice and support to students of all faiths or none. Read more.
  • What sports facilities are there at the University?
    We offer a wide range of sports facilities, programmes and services, including the recently refurbished Fitness Centre which provides gym facilities, exercise classes and fitness programmes to students, staff and the local community. We also manage Tolworth Court sports ground and works closely with the Students' Union to support sporting clubs and societies. Read more.
  • Does the University offer any support for talented sports people?
    The University's Sports Performance Programme is available to talented sportsmen and women studying at the University to support them in balancing their sporting and academic commitments. A package of benefits is available, including academic flexibility and some financial support. Read more.
  • What should students do if they are having problems with other students or being bullied or harassed?
    Problems with other students can be discussed with:
    • the halls manager (if your son or daughter lives in halls of residence);
    • the student support officer in the faculty teaching your son or daughter's course;
    • a trained harassment advisor; or
    • Student Life Advisory. Read more.
  • How do you support a student's study or career?
    The University is committed to supporting all of its students by providing them with the necessary resources to tackle issues at the very root.
    • Our Beyond Barriers mentoring schemes see students paired with a mentor who is a professional in their chosen field. Through regular meetings, the student gains invaluable advice about succeeding in their course and chosen career to prepare them for working life.
    • Kingston's volunteer-run LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi and transgender) forum offers students support to help improve their quality of life and make them feel included and at home in university society.
    • The University holds various conferences and events to develop women studying science, technology, engineering and maths. Our commitment to supporting women in these fields is recognised through our Athena SWAN bronze award. Read more.

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