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The Sustainability Hub offers opportunities to reconnect with nature on campus and track our students' and staff wellbeing as a result of taking part.

At the Sustainability Hub, we:

  • Understand the needs and expectations of our students, staff and other stakeholders.
  • Strive to create a culture of sustainability, empowering students and staff to take action to improve the local environment.
  • Equip students with sustainability skills through environmental accreditations and award schemes such as Student Switch Off and Green Connectors.
  • Run sustainability events and/or have a presence at major Kingston University events.
  • Nurture collaboration and create platforms for sharing knowledge and good practice across Kingston University and beyond.
  • Provide evidence and data to help our staff make informed decisions and do things better.
  • Provide practical experiences through volunteering opportunities.
  • Offer coaching, mentoring and support to those with a sustainability idea.
  • Train students and staff, so they understand what is expected of them to help maintain a pleasant, compliant and efficient campus.
  • Take part in external benchmarks.
  • Report progress to internal and external stakeholders, and communicate our approach to external individuals and organisations that work with us.
  • Demonstrate leadership and commitment to sustainable and ethical practice in learning, teaching and research and operations.
  • Support staff and managers across the University to demonstrate their own leadership in sustainability and ethics, as it applies to their area of responsibility.
  • Engage with and share results through international and national frameworks.
  • Make informal learning opportunities relating to sustainability widely available within the Kingston Award; including active volunteering.

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