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Education for sustainable development

Welcome to the Education for Sustainable Development Portal for Kingston University

"At Kingston University, sustainability and ethics are at the core of our teaching and learning, our research and our enterprise activities."

The University is currently developing a new corporate plan and strategy. These will be published shortly.

To meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 (UN, 2015), we need to create "professional, creative, proactive, thoughtful, resilient and globally aware" graduates. Employers with significant environmental, economic and social impact such as the Big Four accounting firms seek employees with the skills to address today's sustainability challenges. KPMG (2015) recognizes that business leaders across the world must respond to environmental and social changes: from population growth, urbanization and expanding wealth to resource scarcity, declining ecosystems and climate change. Creating these leaders of change is a central aspiration of our teaching, learning, research and enterprise at Kingston University.

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The Sustainability Hub is part of the Vice Chancellor's Advisory and Support Directorate (VCASD). We use our strategic position to embed sustainability and ethics in teaching, learning, research and enterprise across the institution.

Sustainability Hub services

At the Sustainability Hub, Education for Sustainable Development is an approach to education that is relevant for any course and any career path. ESD is critical in providing a high-quality higher education experience. At the Sustainability Hub, we:

  • Offer advice to faculties as part of the quality assurance procedures with an aim to embed sustainability and ethics in the new and revised courses.
  • Build the capacity of faculties and professional services by offering training, support and by forging cross-institutional partnerships.
  • Embed sustainability and ethics in Kingston Academic Practice Standards framework.
  • Enrich teaching and learning by creating sustainability resources tailored to each discipline, ie for the personal tutors.
  • Create real-world learning opportunities in partnership with the estates tailored to specific course needs, ie environmental auditing project for the Sustainable Development BA(Hons).
  • Embed sustainability and ethics in existing operations and activities across the university aspiring to improve quality from the perspective of sustainability.
  • Support and promote research related to sustainability and ethics through a bank of research questions and project work topics.
  • Engage with other institutions nationally and internationally with an aim to enrich education for sustainable development theory and practice.
  • Create a number of co-curricular learning opportunities for students with an aim to harness sustainability awareness, project management and communication skills. All the co-curricular opportunities receive Kingston Award points that increase students' employability prospects. For more details please see student leadership in sustainability.

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