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Research is critical to Kingston University's distinctiveness, success and sustainability in an increasingly competitive Higher Education environment. It is central to the quality of our teaching and learning. Research establishes and enhances our reputation and leads to benefits for society, culture and the economy. Through our commitment to the advancement of human knowledge we actively seek to address the challenges we face in an increasingly complex global arena (Kingston University, Research Strategy 2015-2020).

We will foster a collaborative, outward-looking research culture in all our academic disciplines and support and develop both existing and emerging areas of research excellence.

The Sustainability Hub aims to raise the profile of research into sustainability issues being conducted across the university. We also aim to work with researchers across KU to reduce the negative and increase the positive environmental impacts of how we conduct all research.

Sustainability Research Centres and Projects

There are a number of sustainability research projects at Kingston University that engage Kingston students in the sustainability debate. Some examples follow below:

Sustainability Research Champions

Research championsA number of academics champion Education for Sustainable Development by leading on sustainability research in their discipline. Some examples follow below:

Sustainability Research 2018 - 2019

  • Hands, V., Cinpoes, R., Annan-Diab, F., Boaz, A., Hayden, C., Anderson, R., Davies, A., Azam, S., Weatherup, C. and King, W. (2018) Implementing the Sustainable Development Principle: lessons from a literature review on implementing the five ways of working Public Health Wales, Cardiff. ISBN 978-1-78986-062-7
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Sustainability Research 2017

  • Daskalaki, M. (2017) Alternative organizing in times of crisis : resistance assemblages and socio-spatial solidarity. European Urban and Regional Studies, ISSN (print) 0969-7764 (Epub Ahead of Print)
  • Daskalaki, M. and Kokkinidis, G. (2017) Organizing solidarity initiatives : a socio-spatial conceptualization of resistance. Organization Studies, ISSN (print) 0170-8406 (Epub Ahead of Print)
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  • Genus, A. and Iskandarova, M. (2017) Responsible innovation: its institutionalisation and a critique. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, ISSN (print) 0040-1625 (Epub Ahead of Print)
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Sustainability Research 2016

  • de la Barrera, B. and Hooda, P.S. (2016) Greenhouse gas emissions of waste management processes and options : a case study. Waste Management & Research, 34(7), pp. 658-665. ISSN (print) 0734-242X
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Sustainability Research 2007-2015

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