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Improving services and procedures

The Sustainability Hub delivers cross-cutting projects which improve sustainability and ethics in teaching, learning and research, cultural or infrastructure projects. We offer 'additionality' to existing sustainability and ethical projects to promote your good work.

At the Sustainability Hub, we:

  • Prioritise high-impact projects; those relating to compliance and risk minimisation; those with high reputational worth or risk; those which are highly visible and reach many people thus influencing their actions in relation to sustainability and ethics.
  • Act as a critical friend to faculties and departments, identifying specific sustainability and ethics opportunities and risks.
  • Provide support to integrate sustainability considerations within faculty and departmental plans and strategies.
  • Support staff with responsibility for delivering projects to ensure sustainability and ethics are considered at all stages of the project. This is done by providing tools to undertake impact assessments, carrying out option appraisals, recommending cost-benefit analysis or whole-life costing, and monitoring and evaluating outcomes.
  • Input into key procurement activity, assisting with specification drafting, tender scoring and weighting.
  • Work efficiently to deliver a wide range of projects.
  • Horizon-scan for future opportunities or challenges.

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