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Sustainability Student Working Group

The Sustainability Student Working Group is hosted by the Union of Kingston Students (UKS) and is for all Kingston University students who want to make a change in their campus and course through sustainability and ethics. Sustainability includes issues of social justice, poverty alleviation, climate change, quality of life, renewable energy, ecosystem preservation and responsible resource use. The Group aims to improve the learning opportunities offered to Kingston students as well as the operations of the University environment. The responsibilities of the SSWG include;

  • Sitting on strategic working groups - Improve or co-design new services and activities (such as new learning opportunities, hybrid buses, reuse activities),
  • Organising events and campaigns (some in partnership with other student societies),
  • Supporting the Students' Union with our Green Impact programme.
  • Regular forums will be set up to aid communication between members and students.
  • In order to join this group, all you need to do is simply click the 'join the group' button.


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Sustainability Hub

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