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Green Connectors

sound boardThe ‘Green Connectors' are part of Kingston University's flagship Student Engagement and Enhancement team's 'Connector' programme, which gives undergraduate and postgraduate students the opportunity of working directly with the Sustainability Hub.

The Connector programme was set up to link students seeking employment with key services in the University. This aim of the programme is for students to work with host departments to define, develop and lead projects that engage a wider student audience and raise the profile of things that students are passionate about. The programme offers students a chance to:

  • Get involved with the University to deliver innovative projects
  • Work on project of institutional importance
  • Meet new people and work in a team
  • Gain experience of working in a professional environment
  • Develop important employability skills such as communication, project management and campaigning, through training and experience

Green Connectors are able to develop their own approach to the challenges set for them by the Sustainability Hub - how to raise awareness around waste and recycling, and how to embed sustainability within the curriculum.The outcomes of both projects have been hugely valuable to the Sustainability Hub, for example the design of new communications to promote use of the correct bins, and focus groups that revealed 70% of Kingston students would like to be formally taught about sustainability through their course. Feedback from the Connectors about their experience has also been positive.

Cindy's profile

Cindy Van Rees, 2016 Green Connector

"Working as a Green Connector, during my MA Sustainable Design as incredibly valuable. It allowed me to put the skills and knowledge that I gained throughout my studies, into practice in a quite specific working environment; university. This allowed me to see things from different perspectives; next to my own and that of the designer, I could now also understand those of big organisations like universities and the professionals that focus on environmental issues within those organisations, which was very helpful. Working as a Green Connector while studying was reciprocal; My studies enriched my work and my work enriched my studies, which I highly valued. Just as important, working as a Green Connector was very pleasurable, it was lovely to meet like-minded people from different backgrounds and studies, and work together. That collaboration was something I very much valued."

Download further information about the outcomes of the Green Connector programme.

Green Connectors

In collaboration with the Sustainability Hub, the student Green Connectors engage with fellow students to learn about their experience of the sustainability services provided by the University and gather suggestions for continuous improvement.
The project is based on peer to peer research aiming to:

  • Enhance the student experience
  • Learn about current student experiences and aspirations
  • Disseminate information about a range of sustainability services
  • Identify and disseminate topical issues and case studies as resources to encourage further student engagement

The specific focus for 2017/18 was on the new contract services for:

  • Waste management, recycling and re-use at the university campus sites
  • The free inter-site hybrid bus service, and sustainable modes of travel.

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