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Mechanical Engineering MEng/BEng(Hons): What our students say

Student profiles

Don't just take our word for it – here's what students say about what it's like to study at Kingston University.

Name: Soteris Eliades
Course: Mechanical Engineering BEng(Hons)
Level: final year

"I am currently in my final year of Mechanical Engineering BEng(Hons). Although my course started as a foundation year in aerospace engineering as did my first year, I pursued to change my degree. The reason was that I found mechanical engineering more compelling and the opportunity to make the change on the second year was inevitable. I selected Kingston over other universities because of the way of life and the position of the city in general, as well as the academic aspect with many societies and programmes going on in the engineering, science and computing faculty. I grew to love Kingston and and I would imagine myself even living here.

Mechanical engineering is a huge area of the industry with jobs varying from manufacturing to management positions and from energy to design. I believe engineers are in general very creative individuals and that is applied on the design aspect and problem solving nature of the course. Also since the course is demanding it teaches you a lot about time management and responsibility towards life in general. It has been a life-changing experience from me especially because my background was more based on arts and economics, but the course gave me the opportunity to grow my knowledge as well as myself.

The best part of the course is the design modules where you learn a lot about what actually goes into the designing of everything we use regularly. It also gives you the experience of the industry since all the programs are used in the industry, so this helps you familiarise with the standards and gives a head start for job hunting in the future. The University itself has some amazing and one-of-a-kind machines and they keep pace with while they emphasise strongly on preparing you for the industry.

I am currently the vice president of the Greek Society and a faculty specialist and I think getting involved is one of the most exciting experiences in the university life. My first three years I was not involved at all in the University other than my course, but I strongly encourage everyone to do it. It is a life experience and sometimes someone can gain more from getting involved in extracurricular activities than the actual course. The University has 100 societies which makes it easy to have a fun and productive university life.

I believe the course gives an outstanding amount of opportunities if someone is willing to put the effort, and can be a real life-changing experience."


Name: Colin Barron
Course: Mechancial Engineering BEng (sandwich route)

Colin Barron was involved with designing a zero emissions bike for the 2011 Isle of Man TT competition series.

"Working on the bike took up most of my life from January onwards. Although the design work went towards my coursework the practical build was mostly extra-curricular time. It didn't matter, though, because working on the bike was a really special project. If I wasn't actually in a lecture or had an immediate deadline you could guarantee you'd find me in the lab working on the bike.

Going over to the Isle of Man for the TT was probably the best two weeks of my life!  At the event itself we were right up against the pit lane. I'm mad on motorcycles and was thrilled when I was asked to go along but even I hadn't realised what a big deal it was until I was there. My Dad had an idea though – he told me 'You're going to biking mecca!' Winning third place was fantastic but watching George come in faster than anyone else in the race was just out of this world."


Kanishka Goonesekera

Name: Kanishka Goonesekera
Course: Mechanical Engineering Design BEng

What made you choose to study your course at Kingston?

"I decided to study my degree at Kingston University as it is recognised internationally as well as the University having a strong presence in Sri Lanka."

Apart from receiving your IET prize for outstanding academic achievement, were there any other defining moments?

"I especially enjoyed working on my group project work; involving the design, fabrication and testing of a concentrating parabolic solar collector; the entire experience was a big step in my transition from student to engineer."

Utilising the resources available

"I was impressed with the availability of comprehensive libraries, online resources and knowledgeable and accommodating lecturers and staff. I often spent entire days and many late nights in the silent study areas of the libraries which was the ideal environment for me.

The advice I would give to new students would be to make learning and skills development your top priority, be positive about the entire experience and you'll get more value from it than you thought possible."

What are your future plans and aspirations?

"I am currently working as a researcher in thermodynamics and material science and plan to further build on my knowledge of thermal applications and eventually get into research in power generation methods. My ultimate aspiration is to discover a power generation method which is economical, safe and beneficial to society as a whole – somewhat similar to Michael Faraday's discovery of electromagnetic induction, a simple technique that changed the world for the better."


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This course is taught at Roehampton Vale

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