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Popular Music BA(Hons): Facilities

About our specialist music facilities

Music facilitiesMusic courses at Kingston University are designed to provide a mixture of practical, theoretical and academic learning, with the main focus being digital and analogue sound creation, performance and music production practices, through a practical approach to learning and research.

We are committed to the study of record production and have four dedicated recording studio spaces:

  • The Lodge, which houses two control rooms and two live rooms.
  • Coombehurst House, which features an SSL desk and quality outboard. See the facilities in Coombehurst House in the virtual tour.
  • Our flagship facility, the Visconti Studio, which is an analogue/digital hybrid studio based around an extraordinary 300m2 octagonal live room, stocked with vintage and rare recording equipment (Studer, Neve, Neumann, Universal Audio, Roland Space Echo). The tape-based studio also features a unique collection of instruments including a Mellotron, a Hammond organ with Leslie cabinet, and a Steinway concert grand piano.

Throughout your degree, you'll learn to use and maintain analogue technology in recording and production. Besides course-related teaching, the Visconti Studio also organises special masterclasses, a winter school and unique recording sessions with international artists including Mary Epworth.

The Heritage and Future of Analogue Recording and Production is a large-scale research project partnered with the British Library and the Science Museum. The project aims to document and preserve the legacy of the analogue era. Tapping into contemporary love of retro sounds, the Visconti Studio does not just revive objects but actively revives analogue practices. The project combines questions around cultural nostalgia with concrete musical practice and heritage studies. It will build a rich and diverse archive of recordings, practices, instruments, technologies, listening testimonies, and scholarly reflection.

Instrument collection

In addition to the rare instruments in the Visconti Studio, we own an extensive collection of instruments, including around 30 pianos, a harpsichord, stage pianos, drumkits and orchestral and classroom instruments. We also have a double-size Javanese gamelan and a set of djembe drums.

Loans system

We operate an online loans system that allows students to book out a wide range of recording and performing equipment and instruments. Room bookings can also be made through this system, and the studios can be used 24 hours a day.

Music making at Kingston

Practical music making has always been a key feature of life at Kingston, and the department supports a wide range of performing activities. We promote around 50 concerts and gigs a year, from choirs and orchestra, to world music ensembles and big band, as well as a host of smaller groups and bands. Venues include local halls, clubs and churches, as well as our own studio and the Rose Theatre, Kingston.

Music in the library

The Nightingale Centre (learning resources centre) on the Kingston Hill campus is home to the music library, which holds an extensive collection of books, anthologies, scores, sheet music, periodicals, and audio and video recordings. The University also subscribes to an excellent range of e-resources for music, including Grove Music Online, RILM and the Naxos online recordings catalogue, which are accessible from any university workstation.

About our modern teaching environment

There is a wide range of facilities at our Kingston Hill campus, where this course is based.

Kingston Hill campusKingston Hill is a leafy, hillside campus situated about three miles away from Kingston town centre. It is a quiet, secure place to study with easy access to London, meaning it provides the best of all worlds for our students.

Kingston University has made major investments in buildings and equipment at the campus during recent years.

Find out more about the Kingston Hill campus in the virtual tour.

Learning resources centre

Nightingale CentreOne of the highlights of the Kingston Hill campus is the modern learning resources centre (LRC), called the Nightingale Centre, which provides a spacious and attractive place for students to meet and study.

The Nightingale Centre is a £5million redevelopment which opened in 2008. In addition to library services, it also provides PCs, study areas and a learning cafe for all our students.

Find out more about the Nightingale Centre in the virtual tour.

Computer and online facilities

There are many computers across the Kingston Hill campus when you need a place to study. Access to the wireless network across the campus means you can also work from your laptop or mobile device.

Using IT to support your studies is crucial. Kingston has an innovative virtual learning environment called StudySpace. This allows you to access course materials and contact fellow students and staff while away from the campus.

Other campus facilities include:

  • free parking;
  • student shop;
  • cashpoint;
  • health and wellbeing services; and
  • sports and recreation societies.

Find out more about the Kingston Hill campus in the virtual tour.

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This course is taught at Kingston Hill

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*5p per minute from a BT landline. Call charges from other providers may vary.


This course is taught at Kingston Hill

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