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“I'm a student ambassador and student mentor. I have been the Cyber Security Society President and a course rep. I've also taken part in a research internship that's offered to some courses.”

Sarah, BSc (Hons) Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

Get more than a degree

For us, university is more than just your course. It's about discovering who you are, experiencing new things, having fun and meeting new people.

That's why we aim to connect you to a range of activities that will help you develop, both inside the classroom and out, so you graduate with more than just your degree.

We also think it's important that our students help shape our community and services. Throughout your time here we'll work in partnership with you, so you have the opportunity to feed into, and influence, important University matters relevant to learning, teaching and support.

What's in store?

There's plenty to get involved in. Make a difference to your local community by becoming a mentor or volunteer to impacting change within the University by injecting new ideas into your course curriculum.

By taking part in opportunities outside of your timetable, you'll build your very own Kingston award. This will reflect the skills you've gained for job applications and interview questions. You'll also have fun and gain a sense of belonging to a wider community.

A world of opportunity awaits

Do you have a taste for adventure? Then pack your suitcase and grab a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study or work abroad!

Study abroad

The majority of students have the opportunity to study or work abroad as part of their course. Costs shouldn't be a barrier. Students who choose to study or work abroad for a full year get a significant tuition fee reduction and, depending on location, may receive a bursary or grant.

Kingston Language Scheme

Imagine you could order your Nando's in Portuguese or your sushi in Japanese? You can, with the Kingston Language Scheme!

Study up to 10 languages in addition to your course, completely free of charge. Languages on offer include Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russia.

Have your say

Get involved. Make a difference!

The Union of Kingston Students

The Union of Kingston Students is here to represent your opinions and views on your student experience and to support your education. It's made up of student officers elected each year by you, the students of Kingston University.

The Union also offers a wide range of services to enhance your student experience. From societies to sports clubs, events to environmental projects. No matter what you're interested in, there's something for everyone.

Building a sustainable future together

Climate change, energy supply and affordability, biodiversity, and reduction in global resources will impact future generations. With your support, we'll continue to stand up and fight to make a difference.

Our targets

Immediate action is needed if the world is going to address the climate emergency. That's why it's important to us to set ourselves ambitious but achievable sustainability targets.

Kingston University has a zero waste to landfill policy in place where we're working around the clock to prevent and reduce waste production in all areas of the University.

In 2022, Kingston was one of just 25 UK institutions to have achieved Fairtrade University status. We embed Fairtrade within our curriculum, procurement, research, and campaign to meet 11 mandatory criteria set by the Fairtrade Foundation.

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