Welcome and Induction Week

Welcome and Induction Week is just the start of getting you settled into the Kingston University family.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kingston in January. We understand you may be worried about how the coronavirus pandemic could affect you starting your studies with us, but rest assured we are all working hard to ensure you get off to the best possible start to your time at Kingston.

Welcome to Kingston online module

Our online Welcome to Kingston module will give you the lowdown on each of the support areas available to you and how you can access the support when you need it.

You can access the online module via Canvas from the links below as long as you have completed your enrolment. We will be inviting you to complete your enrolment from Monday 30 November 2020 so remember to keep an eye out for these important emails.

Explore the Welcome to Kingston online module

The Welcome to Kingston online module covers each of the following support areas:


There are lots of things to get your head around when starting university. Explore Kingston upon Thames, the University (and its facilities), find out how everything works and how to stay connected.

Academic skills support

Academic skills are key to success on your course. Learn about the different support services available to help you to achieve academically.

Library and Learning Services

Our libraries and the services they offer are hugely varied. Find out how our libraries work and how they can support your learning.

Practical support

Whether it's something specific like money or accommodation, or you're just not sure where to start, we can help. Explore how we can support you.

Disability, health, wellbeing

A healthy body, healthy mind and the right support in place can really change your university experience. Find out how we support your health, wellbeing and disability at Kingston.

Enrichment and enhancement

University is much more than just a degree. Explore all the other stuff you can get involved in during your time at Kingston.

Careers and employability

It's never too early to start planning your future. Find out about the careers and employability support and what you need to do to get going!

Digital skills

Get ready for learning online and get to know the different software and tools you might need to access at Kingston.

Preparing for blended learning

Learning both online and on-campus might present some challenges, but also some opportunities! Check out our top tips on how to get the most out of your blend of online and on-campus learning.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

At Kingston we value the diversity of our student body. Explore how we celebrate diversity, challenge inequality and take active steps to provide an inclusive environment for all students. Find out how you can get involved in projects and activities to champion equality, diversity and inclusion at Kingston.


Adapting to life in the UK can be exciting and challenging. Find out some essential information and our top tips for settling in.


Virtual Welcome activities

Your Welcome activities consist of a variety of events to introduce you to some of the opportunities you'll have as a Kingston student. Most importantly, they'll help you settle in to life at Kingston and give you the opportunity meet new people.

The Welcome programme is made up of live, interactive online, events designed for you to experience the best of Kingston student life.

You will be able to view all your Welcome events now, but you won't be able to book them until you have completed your enrolment. Some events will be recorded so you can access them on-demand after the event.

How to access your Welcome events

Your Welcome events programme can be accessed via KUextra. This is our online platform where, once you officially join us, you'll find all our enrichment opportunities.

If you are unable to make these live sessions, we will be making most of the content available on the Canvas module by 15 January 2021.

Browse the Welcome programme

  1. Click to access the KUextra Welcome events
  2. Once you have enrolled, use your Kingston ID number and password to login
  3. Book onto Welcome events

Your course induction

Course inductions will take place online during the week of 11 to 15 January 2021*. It is essential you attend this important introduction to your course where you will meet your lecturers and find out about the course, our libraries, study skills and more!

Your course induction will be focused around three main sections:

  • You and your course – We'll provide you with all the information you need to understand what you'll learn on the course. You'll also get to know each of your classmates through some fun ice breakers activities.
  • You and your progress – We'll introduce and inform you about how you'll be assessed through you course including the information you need about exams and coursework.
  • Getting ready to study your course – We'll ensure you're fully prepared to start your course. You'll find out your reading list and we'll arrange for you to collect any equipment you may need for your studies.


*Please note: If you are due to study a course at Kingston Business School (Accounting and Finance, MBA or International Business management), your Welcome and Induction will look a little different. Your faculty office will be contacting you directly with arrangements for your Welcome and Induction activities.

Explore your course induction

How to view your induction schedule

Search for your induction schedule by A–Z or by course name. You can also view your course induction schedule in the Kingston University app.

Please note: whilst you are able to see your schedule now, the direct links to your online activities will be added in September.