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  • Kingston University app for new students

How to access the Kingston University app

1. Install the app

Download the Kingston University app from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Set your profile

Welcome Week Profile

Choose the Welcome Week Profile to get access to your Welcome and Induction Week schedule and events, bus tracker, campus maps and room finder – to help you navigate through the start of your Kingston University experience.

Student Profile

Once you complete Stage 1: Online Enrolment you will be able to access your course timetable (within 24 hours of completing online enrolment) on the Student Profile in the Kingston University app. Please note: You will only be emailed to complete Stage 1: Online Enrolment if your place has been confirmed (eg unconditional firm) from Thursday 22 August.

Once you complete Stage 2: In-person Enrolment you will gain access to more features on your Student Profile, including your Kingston University email account, learning resources, library catalogue, IT services and Students' Union.

3. Changing app profile

Please note you will need to logout of the Kingston University app (in "Settings") to switch between the Welcome Week Profile and your Student Profile.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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