Requesting a deferral

Rules and guidance regarding deferral of graduation ceremonies

  1. Graduates may not normally defer their graduation ceremony unless they are appealing their mark/award or there are other exceptional circumstances.
  2. A graduate is usually not permitted to defer their attendance at graduation. A deferral will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances and each case will be considered individually by the Graduations Team. Situations which may allow for deferral include:
    a. A death in the graduate's family.
    b. Critical illness in the graduate or the graduate's family
    c. Problems with obtaining a visa to attend graduation
    d. A pre-arranged significant event which cannot be cancelled
    e. Birth of a child.
  3. In all of the above circumstances, a form of evidence pertaining to the deferral circumstances may be requested by the Graduations Team.
  4. A graduate must request a deferral before or immediately after (up to and including 25 working days) the original graduation ceremony date they were invited to. Any request after this period will not be considered as the student will be deemed to have graduated in absentia.
  5. Where a deferral is approved, this does not, in any circumstances, guarantee or secure tickets for the guests to the deferred ceremony if not booked by the deadline.
  6. It is at the discretion of the Graduations Team as to whether your deferral is accepted. The Team's decision is final.
  7. If you wish to defer your graduation ceremony, you must contact the Graduations Team with your reasons for your proposed deferral. You may be asked for supporting evidence.

If your deferral request is accepted

  1. The graduate will be allocated to the next appropriate ceremony, which may not be in the next set of ceremonies.
  2. The graduate's certificate will not be available at the ceremony they attend. Graduates can request their certificate to be sent to them via the website (if they have not already received it). 
  3. It is the graduate's responsibility to get in touch with the Graduations Team about booking tickets for their new ceremony.
  4. The graduate will only be able to be offered one more ceremony date and time, after which no further deferrals will be granted.

Need further support?

Please read our frequently asked questions before contacting the graduation team. If you have queries that have not been answered in the FAQs, please get in touch.