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Kingston University, Department of Education: our vision

"To develop critically confident and well-rounded teachers who are values-driven and equipped to transform lives of children and young people in our communities."

Mentor Training Programme

Teaching students and mentors at Kingston University.

In partnership with Wandle Teaching School Hub, St Mary's University & Roehampton University

We have cultivated a partnership with our local Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) and Wandle Teaching School Hub (TSH) to collaborate on a mentor training programme which we believe will support mentor access to training and key resources. We appreciate how busy schools are and know you are working to develop your Early Career Teacher (ECT) mentoring alongside ITE placements, so we hope that this joint approach will help manage mentor workloads and allow an opportunity for meaningful networking.

Our live online 'soft skills' sessions will provide an opportunity for collaborative question and answer training within a network of mentors across the partnership. Working closely with our local TSH and HEIs, we can ensure consistency in mentor training within our community of partner schools.

Should you require any help or support with mentoring prior to the live sessions, please contact your Kingston Lead Mentor (KLM) to discuss your training needs, if these have not already been highlighted in your mentor audit form. As an additional layer of support, prior recordings on all the topics listed below are available in our Mentor Training Live Video Training folder.

Core mentor training dates and resources

Date and
session link:
Session outline:
Understanding your role
as the mentor
13 November 2023
Click here to join online session Session 1
Building effective
5 December 2023
Click here to join online session Session 2 
SMART targets
15 January 2024
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Session 3 
Exploring different
observation techniques
29 February 2024
Click here to join online session Session 4 
Developing mentor
12 March 2024
Click here to join online session
Session 5 
Managing difficult
27 March 2024
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Session 6 

KU ITE Curriculum

Kingston University has a fully-developed, evidence-based ITE curriculum and all mentors should be aware of their role in delivering this, as laid out in the Mentor Guidance Booklets. The curriculum encompasses all aspects of the ITT Core Content Framework (CCF) as a minimum entitlement and ensures that trainees are prepared for the next stage in their professional development as teachers: the Early Career Framework (ECF) induction.

The Kingston ITE curriculum is carefully sequenced and coherent, helping trainees to develop their classroom practice through forming networks of phase- and subject-specific knowledge and skills that are built on, and developed, across the academic year. Taught components and classroom practice are carefully integrated over time and across settings, to ensure trainees are able to succeed and be recommended for QTS.

We value Partner support in the design, delivery and evaluation of our curriculum, so please do get in touch if this is something of interest to you.

Further information for mentors

KU curriculum training

The videos below will give you an overview of the KU ITE vision and our ambitious curriculum. Please ensure you have watched these prior to your trainee starting placement. If you have any questions, these can be addressed by your allocated Kingston Lead Mentor in the Early Progress Assessment visit.

Mentor training guidance and placement paperwork

Mentor handbooks

Experienced mentor training Information

Experienced mentors are fundamental to our ITE provision. It is vital that you have a deep understanding of our vision and planned curriculum and the evidence base for this to guarantee a consistent, high-quality approach.

We want to give you the opportunity to have a deeper set of training around soft skills but at a coaching level. This training will be provided in collaboration with Roehampton University in person. Please use the booking form to register your interest.

Continuing Professional Development

We have generated a series of resources in collaboration with experienced mentors and local partnership colleagues to support mentor training around the core areas highlighted in our feedback surveys.

Please click on the links below to access these PPT and video resources.

Useful research for mentors

DfE publications



  • Day, T. and Tosey, P., (2011), Beyond SMART? A new framework for goal setting. Curriculum journal, London, 22(4) :515
  • Glazzard and Stones., (2020), The ITT Core Content Framework – What Primary School Teachers Need to Know. 1st Edition, London: Learning Matters
  • Scott, S. (2002) Fierce Conversations. Viking Penguin, New York, NY
  • Thompson, C. and Wolsencroft, P. (2021), The Trainee Teacher′s Handbook: A Companion for Initial Teacher Training

Online videos

Useful contacts

Course leaders:

What our mentors say

As a new mentor, I appreciate the regular updates and video resources we have supplied to us. I feel like I am becoming a more confident mentor, especially in observation and feedback sessions.

New secondary mentor

I find the mentor training and paperwork thorough and easy to work with. I attended the CCF training and found this useful. I have easily accessed and used progress descriptors, have reflective conversations and use question prompts provided by Kingston University. I feel supported by the University mentor materials, even as an experienced mentor.

Experienced primary mentor

Faculty of Health, Science, Social Care and Education