Exploring the psycho-social impact on healthcare students and professionals when silencing or raising concerns: a pilot study


This pilot study was conducted as a preparatory study to co-design a large research study exploring the impact of silencing or raising concerns on the wellbeing of healthcare students and professionals. The aim of the pilot study was to collaborate with key stakeholders to identify a relevant research focus and appropriate methodology for researching this sensitive topic, and a methodology for impactful and sustainable implementation. Stakeholders included NHS healthcare professionals, including those with experiences related to raising concerns, and healthcare academics.

The pilot study

The pilot study had three components.

  1. A scoping review of the research and policy literature, published and grey, to understand current policies, strategies and systems in place with respect to raising concerns and supporting healthcare professionals raising concerns.
  2. Interviews with six senior healthcare professionals to explore their views on appropriate methodologies for the larger study, which is very sensitive in nature.
  3. Two away-days (research team, advisory group, the six senior healthcare professionals who were interviewed).

The study team

The study team's members are Professor Ann Ooms and Dr Celayne Heaton-Shrestha. The team was supported and guided by an advisory group, which commented and advised the team on the best way to undertake the pilot study. The advisory group members were healthcare professionals, NHS managers and healthcare academics.

The funders of the study

The pilot study was funded by Kingston University and took place in 2023.

Find out more

For more information, please contact Professor Ann Ooms by email.

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