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New Kingston energy initiative launched at World Renewable Energy Congress

Posted Monday 1 September 2014

Wind turbinesSecretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Davey attended the World Renewable Energy Congress to formally launch Kingston University's new energy initiative, Kingston Energy.

The biannual international congress was held at Kingston University from 3 – 8 August and brought together the foremost voices in renewable energy from academia, industry and government. In his address, Davey emphasised the need for an integrated approach to energy provision to provide secure, sustainable and affordable sources of power.

The sources and sustainability of our energy is one of the most pressing issues facing developed nations, directly impacting on the economy with a range of broader geo-political implications.

Kingston Energy brings together academics from a number of related disciplines to engage in some of the most pressing debates on energy sustainability, security and affordability. It will build international networks to ensure continued ground breaking research in energy exploitation and provide talented engineers and scientists for the UK's energy industry.

Professor Gavin Gillmore heads up Kingston Energy. He said: "Our academics already offer a wide range of research, consultancy and teaching skills relevant to these aims. By bringing these people together, we can pool experience and resources to develop courses that equip students with the skills required for tomorrow and provide cost-effective research and consultancy services for industry and government.

Kingston's breadth of expertise will help our initiative to stand out, and not just for its broad range of practical work on projects such as wind turbines and electric vehicles. We will also be helping to develop energy policy."

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