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BBC reality show candidate Bianca Miller extends her expertise to support Kingston University's Student Ambassador Scheme following appearance on The Apprentice

Posted Wednesday 26 November 2014

Bianca MillerBianca MillerCompetition on BBC reality show The Apprentice is heating up fast, but outside the boardroom Apprentice candidate Bianca Miller and her personal branding company, The Be Group, have been working alongside Kingston University's student ambassadors to help them gear up for the academic year.

Bianca is a big fan of the Student Ambassador Scheme and visited Kingston University keen to maintain their development as individuals by speaking about the importance of skills such as networking and brand representation.

"As a student ambassador you're going out there and representing the University to potential students and existing students. Personal branding to me is about four key elements - presentation, approach, communication and knowledge - so it is integral that ambassadors understand the brand and how to communicate that."

Bianca explained that right now is the best time for students to get experience and hone their personal development. She explained that working as a student ambassador is the perfect way to achieve those goals.

"When I started applying for universities there wasn't anyone that I could turn to, to discuss their experience, to ask questions and that's why I think the ambassador programme is so important," she said.

A self-made entrepreneur, Bianca strives to spread the work of personal branding and development to universities, colleges, secondary schools and even primary schools. Always aware of the bigger picture, she believes that good personal branding helps people to be more self confident, self aware and sure of who they are, which in turn helps them progress in their education and on into the wider world.

Student Ambassadors at an eventStudent Ambassadors at an event

When asked if being an ambassador is worthwhile, Bianca praised the scheme: "I absolutely think it's worthwhile, not only are you getting a really valid experience and interacting with people of all backgrounds, you get to understand the different layers of society and directly contribute to the University.
"I wish I'd had that when I was at university; if I'd had the opportunity to become an ambassador, to represent my uni and to get that experience I definitely would have taken that."

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