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Kingston University's sociology, business economics and nutrition, exercise and health degrees secure 100 per cent National Student Survey satisfaction score

Posted Tuesday 8 August 2017

Kingston University's sociology, business economics and nutrition, exercise and health degrees secure 100 per cent National Student Survey satisfaction score

Kingston University's sociology, business economics and nutrition (exercise and health) courses have topped the national leader board for student satisfaction in this year's National Student Survey (NSS). The programmes each received the gold standard 100 per cent satisfaction rating from final year students in the annual survey, which asks for feedback on courses at their institutions.

The survey also highlighted other successes across the University, with its learning resources – including information technology facilities and library services – once again receiving a resounding endorsement from students with an 86.24 percent satisfaction rating.

The results come on the back of a successful year for nutrition (exercise and health) students, based in the University's Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing. Working alongside exercise physiology technician Chris Howe, they helped support British ultra runner Tom Evans to medal success in the 32nd annual Marathon de Sables through the Sahara desert.

The athlete was one of 20 runners – including world record-breaker Susie Chan – provided with heat acclimation support in the University's specialised environmental chamber at the Penrhyn Road campus ahead of this year's event. Students also benefit from access to the state-of-the-art facilities for practical work and research carried out during their exercise, sport science and health programmes.

The top rating for business economics and sociology follows on the heels of the University being named in the top 150 institutions in Europe for economics and sociology education in the prestigious annual QS World University rankings.

Both courses are based in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, with business economics students learning from experts at the cutting edge in their field – studying both traditional and alternative approaches to economics, including those developed in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis.

Students gave Kingston University\'s sociology, business economics and nutrition (health and exercise) courses 100 per cent satisfaction ratiings in this year\'s National Student Survey.The University's sociology, business economics and nutrition (health and exercise) courses secured 100 per cent student satisfaction in the National Student Survey.The course puts a strong emphasis on exploring the issues that affect both small businesses and international firms, preparing students for a wide range of potential careers in the finance, marketing, media and business sectors.

With the continent-wide implications of Brexit continuing to dominate the headlines, leading figures in the debate have taken part in a series of public events hosted by sociology lecturer Dr Egle Rindzeviciute this year. Sociology students at the University are also given the opportunity to explore issues around power, inequality, conflict and development, with a focus on the social challenges facing the country's capital city as well as global issues around migration, war and climate change.

Other courses across the University have also received strong grades on their NSS report cards. Product and furniture design and sport science both came in at 98.61 per cent for teaching, while fine art achieved a 95 per cent satisfaction score from students for assessment and feedback. Chemistry secured 95.1 per cent satisfaction for its academic support.

Pro Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching Dr Clarissa Wilks said the results demonstrated Kingston University's commitment to putting students at the heart of everything it did. "We are working hard to provide our students with the best possible teaching and campus experience to thrive and succeed, listening to and acting on their feedback," she added. "We want to ensure they graduate armed with all the knowledge and skills and confidence they need to take their first steps towards a successful career."

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