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Kingston University alumnus finally gets to celebrate his graduation 29 years after missing his ceremony

Posted Thursday 3 August 2023

Kingston University alumnus finally gets to celebrate his graduation 29 years after missing his ceremony Justin Sellers and his family

An accounting and finance graduate has returned to Kingston University to celebrate his graduation nearly 30 years after missing his ceremony.

Justin Sellers originally graduated from Kingston in 1994 but, by the time his graduation ceremony came around, he had already moved abroad and was unable to attend. However, a recent graduation in the family inspired him to return to Kingston after three decades away.

"It was actually my two year old daughter going through her first graduation that made me think about missing my own," he said. "Where I live now in Hong Kong, they have a graduation after every level of education so I though it would be great for her to see her dad finally get his long-awaited graduation photos. My mum is very happy too as she can finally put my graduation photo next to the one of my brother."

Mr Sellers attended Kingston between 1991 and 1994, studying on the University's BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance degree programme, and has fond memories of his time on campus. "I was based mainly up at the Kingston Hill Campus, but I enjoyed when I had the chance to come down to Penrhyn Road," he said. "I didn't really recognise the campus when I arrived, it's all changed here, but a lot of the roads are still the same.  I really enjoyed my time at Kingston – as well as getting my degree I had a great experience and I think that is a huge part of going to university."

After leaving the University in 1994, Mr Sellers initially went to live in Australia before moving to Hong Kong shortly afterwards. While he graduated with a degree in accounting and finance, he made a big career change when he arrived in Hong Kong. "When I got to Hong Kong, I applied for a lot of jobs, but it was meeting people that made me realise there was a desperate need for English teachers," he said. "So, I became a primary school teacher and I've been doing this in Hong Kong for the last 25 years."

The experience was one that Mr Sellers really valued. "I guess the biggest takeaway from this experience is that you are never too old for education," he said. "Although it felt a bit strange putting on the gown and hat at first, I'm really glad I came back to Kingston to celebrate my graduation."

Dean of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences Professor Jane Hendy congratulated Mr Sellers on finally getting a chance to celebrate his graduation. "Graduation is such an important part of the university journey so it's great that Justin has finally been able to celebrate his 29 years later," she said. "I think this shows what a strong sense of community there is at Kingston and the impact this university has on its graduates throughout their lives."


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