Virtual Open Day Programme: Wednesday 9 November 2022

Highlights of the Virtual Open Day

On-demand content

The virtual Open Day will run from 2pm until 6.30pm, where you'll gain exclusive access to on-demand content on many aspects of university life.

General Information Sessions

You will also have the chance to find out about undergraduate life at Kingston, how we will support you and much more.

  • Welcome talk and support services Q&A
    Find out about the Kingston experience through our lively welcome talk, followed by the opportunity to get your questions answered by our friendly support services staff.
  • Guidance for International students
    A member of our International Team will be available in the Welcome talk support service Q&A sessions at 2pm and 5pm to answer any visa-related queries.
  • Advice on applying
    Get the low-down on how to apply from our Student Recruitment Team.

Meet our academics: subject sessions

Find out more about what your course has to offer by booking a subject talk with our academic team!

Schedule of talks

We recommend building your day around your subject talk, and we estimate you'll need around one-and-a-half hours to explore everything we have to offer.

Most talks will be available after their scheduled end time, in case you miss any. You can catch them in the Presentations area in the 'on-demand' section, or chat with academic staff in the live chat.

Student life and support talks

The following talks will be available to watch in the Presentations (Auditorium) area:

  • Welcome talks – 2pm and 3pm
  • Applying to Kingston – 2.15pm

Course talks (A-Z)

Talks are listed in alphabetical order below.

Accounting & Finance BSc (Hons) 3.30pm
Adult Nursing BSc (Hons) 4.30pm
Adult Nursing Integrated Degree Apprenticeship BSc (Hons) 4.30pm
Aerospace Engineering (Space Technology) MEng/BEng (Hons) 4.30pm
Aerospace Engineering MEng/BEng (Hons) 4.30pm
Aircraft Engineering BEng (Hons) 4.30pm
Aircraft Engineering BEng (Hons) top-up 4.30pm
Architecture BA (Hons) 4.30pm
Aviation Engineering BEng (Hons) 4.30pm
Aviation Operations with Commercial Pilot Training BSc (Hons) 4.30pm
Biochemistry BSc (Hons) 4.15pm
Biological Sciences (Genetics and Molecular Biology) BSc (Hons) 5.15pm
Biological Sciences (Human Biology) BSc (Hons) 5.15pm
Biological Sciences (Medical Biology) BSc (Hons) 5.15pm
Biomedical Science BSc (Hons) 3.15pm
Building Surveying BSc (Hons) 4.00pm 
Building Surveying BSc (Hons) Degree Apprenticeship 4.00pm
Business and Accounting BSc (Hons) 3.30pm
Business Economics BSc (Hons) 3.30pm 
Business Management BSc (Hons) 4.00pm
Business Psychology BSc (Hons) 3.15pm
Chemistry BSc (Hons) 4.45pm 
Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry BSc (Hons) 4.45pm 
Children's Nursing BSc (Hons) 4.30pm
Civil and Infrastructure Engineering BEng (Hons) 4.00pm
Civil and Infrastructure Engineering BEng (Hons) Degree Apprenticeship 4.00pm
Computer Games Programming BSc (Hons) 4:30pm 
Computer Sciences BSc (Hons) 3.30pm 
Computer Sciences with Artificial Intelligence BSc (Hons) 3.30pm
Construction Engineering Management BSc (Hons) 4.00pm 
Creative Industries: Art Direction BA (Hons) 4.45pm
Creative Industries: Design Marketing BA (Hons) 4.45pm 
Creative Industries: Events and Experience BA (Hons) 4.45pm 
Creative Writing and Film Cultures BA (Hons)  4.00pm 
Creative Writing BA (Hons) 4.00pm  
Criminology BSc (Hons) 4.30pm 
Criminology and Forensic Psychology BSc (Hons) 4.30pm
Criminology and Sociology BSc (Hons) 4.30pm
Cyber Security and Digital Forensics BSc (Hons) 4.30pm  
Dance and Drama BA (Hons)  Dance: 4.30pm
Drama: 3.30pm 
Dance BA (Hons) 4.30pm 
Digital Media Technology BSc (Hons) 3.30pm 
Drama and Creative Writing BA (Hons) Drama: 3.30pm
Creative Writing: 4.00pm 
Drama and English BA (Hons) Drama: 3.30pm
English: 5.15pm  
Drama BA (Hons) 3:30pm  
Early Years FdA 3:15pm  
Early Years: Education and Leadership in Practice BA (Hons) top-up 3:15pm  
Early Years: Teaching and Learning BA (Hons) top-up 3:15pm 
Economics BSc (Hons) 3:30pm 
English BA (Hons) 5:15pm  
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management BSc (Hons) 3:30pm  
Environmental Science BSc (Hons) 4:30pm  
Environmental Science BSc (Hons) Degree Apprenticeship 4.30pm  
Environmental Science with Hazards and Disasters BSc (Hons) 4.30pm
Fashion BA (Hons) 3.15pm 
Fashion Promotion and Communication BA (Hons) 5.15pm 
Filmmaking BA (Hons) 4.45pm
Financial Economics BSc (Hons) 3.30pm
Fine Art and Art History BA (Hons) 3.30pm 
Fine Art BA (Hons) 4.30pm
Forensic Psychology BSc (Hons) 4.15pm
Forensic Sciences BSc (Hons) 3.45pm
Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media Practice 3.15pm
Geography BSc (Hons)  3.30pm
Graphic Design BA (Hons) 4.45pm 
Illustration Animation BA (Hons)  3.45pm
Interior Design BA (Hons)  3.15pm
International Business BSc (Hons)  4.30pm 
International Law with Professional Experience LLB (Hons) 3.30pm
Journalism and Media BA (Hons)  Journalism: 3.15pm
Media: 4.45pm
Journalism BA (Hons) 3.15pm
Law with Professional Experience LLB (Hons) 3.30pm
Learning Disabilities Nursing BSc (Hons) 4.30pm
Marketing and Advertising BSc (Hons) 3.30pm 
Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Engineering) Meng/BEng (Hons) 3.30pm
Mechanical Engineering Meng/BEng (Hons) 3.30pm
Media and Communication BA (Hons) 4.45pm
Media Skills BA (Hons) top-up 4.45pm
Mental Health Nursing BSc (Hons) 4.30pm
Midwifery with Registered Midwife BMid (Hons)  3.15pm
Midwifery with Registered Midwife BMid (Hons) for registered nurses 3.15pm
Music Technology BA (Hons) 5.30pm
Nursing Associate FdSc 4.30pm 
Nutrition (Exercise and Health) BSc (Hons) 3.15pm
Nutrition (Human Nutrition) BSc (Hons) 3.15pm
Pharmaceutical & Chemical Sciences FdSc (Pre-Pharmacy) 3.15pm
Pharmaceutical Science MPharmSci (Hons) 4.45pm
Pharmaceutical Sciences BSc (Hons) 4.45pm
Pharmaceutical Sciences with Regulatory Affairs BSc (Hons) 4.45pm 
Pharmacology BSc (Hons) 5.30pm
Pharmacy MPharm (Hons) 3.15pm
Pharmacy MPharm (Hons) Extended degree with foundation year 3.15pm
Photography BA (Hons) 3.45pm
Primary Education (QTS) BA (Hons) 3.45pm 
Product and Furniture Design BA (Hons) 4.00pm 
Psychology BSc (Hons) 3.15pm
Psychology with Criminology BSc (Hons) 4.15pm
Psychology with Sociology BSc (Hons) 3.15pm 
Quantity Surveying Consultancy BSc (Hons) 4.00pm 
Quantity Surveying Consultancy BSc (Hons) Degree Apprenticeship 4.00pm 
Real Estate Management BSc (Hons) 4.30pm
Social Work BA (Hons) 4.15pm
Sociology BSc (Hons) 3.30pm 
Special Education Needs & Inclusive Practice FdA 4.15pm 
Special Education Needs and Inclusive Practice BA (Hons) top-up 4.15pm
Sport Science (Coaching) BSc (Hons) 4.15pm
Sport Science BSc (Hons) 4.15pm
Working with Children and Young People BA (Hons) 4.15pm

Any questions?

Please email if you have any queries about the virtual Open Day and we'll be happy to help.