Miss Kelly (Tala Cloudwatcher) Brown

Research project: A quiet revolution


My research is essentially an Ontological, epistemological investigation of my practice. This practice-based PhD, utilises an understanding of Design futures and craft in the Anthrpocene. It also utilises the term 'emancipatory praxis' and centres around 'concern' (concern for the planet and the quality of our lives).  Embedded in my research is an understanding of Ontology and self-photography as a methodology My practice-based research involves an analysis of myself, my 'making'' and my persona. This aspect focuses on sustainable Fibre arts (Weaving, natural dyeing and spinning) 'folk fashion', sustainable clothes making and is inspired by the Samurai culture of Japan and Japanese commitment to sustainability, and clothing that creates little waste. My research will involve going to Kyoto, to learn from Japanese makers in a non-hierarchical way. My focus is on Japanese working class clothing and Kimonos and western minimal waste clothes making that intuitively creates a garment from what material is   available from local sources in south London but also the making of fabric by weaving, spinning, natural dyes, and screen printing. Emancipatory practice is not for sale objects. My practice focuses on utilitarian and functional garments. 

The inspiration for my research, entitled 'a quiet Revolution', is the intersection of emancipation and making. As identified by Paulo Freire, who felt that we could be empowered if we wrestle back our creative capacity, and ability to make, from Capitalism. My intention is to create a wardrobe of clothing akin to 'folk clothing' for my persona, Tala Cloudwatcher', over the course of my PhD Research and create self-photography images that both document and represent. Thriving is a large part of my analysis ', and I will be exploring community, clothes as a commons The methodologies explored will be- Saori loom weaving, and experimenting with natural dyes, screen printing, self-photography as well as process photography and the making of  Japanese inspired working clothes and Kimonos. It's a feminist Ontological exploration. 


Tala is a mixed heritage, working class craft artist asking questions  regarding beauty and sustainable garment making in the Anthroposene

Her Qualitative practice based research is a personal, quiet response inspired by Japan, responding to the now agendas of BLM and Social justice, and explores self photography as a methodology. The focuses of which is making garments that are working class responses to Sashiko stitch, Saori weaving, Samo weaving, natural fibre kimonos with screen printing and also Japanese workwear. 

Areas of research interest

  • Folk Fashion, homemade clothing and the DIY movement.
  • Sustainable Fibre Arts and clothing- Natural dyeing, weaving, and spinning.
  • Japanese clothes making working class and Zero and minimal waste pattern making
  • Feminism and performance
  • Anti-Capitalism and emancipatory praxis- Paulo Freire
  • Crafts in the Anthropocene
  • Self- Photography as a methodology
  • Screen printing
  • Print making and photography
  • Now agendas of BLM and social justice


  • BA Hons Literature and Philosophy
  • Mres in creative practice (MA standard)
  • Keri's researcher at a Kingston university.
  • EAC member of the Crafts Council

Funding or awards received

  • Kingston race and equality Studentship