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Digital training for Malaysian publishing lecturers

Lecturers in publishing from Polytechnic Ibrahim Sultan, a Malaysian university specialising in technical studies, enjoyed an intensive digital training course at Kingston University as part of a wider educational and social trip to Europe.

Delivered within 10 days of Kingston receiving the initial enquiry, the course focused on creating digital products with user-centred design (UCD) and digital content strategy.

Over four days, the group gained a full understanding of the digital product life cycle through planning, design and development, to launch and beyond. They also learnt about engaging the website user through writing good and meaningful digital content, and how this can enhance search engine optimisation.

Staying in a nearby hotel, the group also visited Kingston's historic town centre, enjoyed the local restaurants and were thrilled to have their first encounter with swans on the River Thames.

"The course was relaxing and enjoyable. It helped to further improve my methods in my job. It gave me inspiration and ideas for my future projects. The tutor was funny and friendly," said delegate Liew Foong Ching.

Maslisa Binti Mohd Isa adds: "The trainer was very helpful and professional – full of information and ready to share."

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