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Health and social care training

Workforce development modules

Kingston University is a leading provider of workforce development modules for practising social workers and healthcare professionals. Our wide portfolio of workforce development education is informed by research and we place a strong focus on real-world learning.

All our workforce development modules can be completed on a free-standing basis to suit your development needs and work schedule. At the completion of your module, you will receive academic credit, which can count towards selected workforce development degrees you may want to complete in the future. Please contact us to find out more.

Health and social care training

Develop your knowledge and skills with one of UK's lead providers of teaching and training in health and social care.

As well as developing the new generation of health, social care and education professionals, we prepare today's practitioners for future challenges through our continuing personal and professional development courses.


  • We work in close partnership with employers such as the National Health Service, local authorities and the Ambulance Service; as well as independent and voluntary health and social care agencies.
  • Kingston University is a leading provider of workforce development courses for existing healthcare professionals, social workers and teachers. We are an approved NHS training provider and a preferred provider of education and training for Health Education South London.
  • Our courses are informed by evidence-based practice and we place a strong focus on real-world learning, bringing professionals from different backgrounds together to share ideas and develop new ways to improve services. 

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Please contact us to discuss your needs further or read more about our professional services on the Kingston University CPD Health Online Prospectus and Application Portal website.

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