Graduate Career Community

All graduates from an undergraduate course over the last two years are invited to join the Graduate Career Community.

There is a world of opportunities available to you and we invite you to join the Graduate Career Community, where you will have the opportunity to take part in all activities, information coaching sessions and advice to support you in reaching your personal future goals.

The Graduate Career Community is your space to explore your career options with other students and graduates who, like you, want a community of like-minded individuals, interested in developing themselves.

The Graduate Career Community has exclusive events for its members, with employers, skills development sessions, Career Community meet ups- where you can build your network with other students and graduates, to help you build your community.

As a member of the Graduate Careers Community, you will also get access to the GCC Toolkit.

What is the GCC Toolkit?

Everyone is on a different journey to find what success looks like to them. Our toolkit contains everything you need to get you looking to the future.

Our toolkit contains access to Cappfinity Strengths Profiles, LinkedIn Learning pathways for graduates, access to the CES Video Archive, exclusive Career Planning documents and guides, an opportunity to join the Graduate Career Community page on LinkedIn and more.

Cappfinity Strengths Profiles

Everyone has their own unique combinations of strengths and skills. Using our Cappfinity Strengths Profile you can gain a deeper insight into what strengths you bring to the workplace and how to realise your untapped strengths. Once you've completed a profile, you can book an appointment to talk through your results with the Graduate Career Coach and what kind of positions would work for you with your skill set, values and interests.

LinkedIn Learning

Graduates have access to LinkedIn Learning for two years after graduation. Please complete this short form, after which you will be invited by email to activate your LinkedIn Learning Alumni account.


Fika is a mental fitness platform which helps users tackle everyday challenges with confidence, so they can turn them into opportunities while studying and beyond. Mental fitness training grows skills that are a critical part of life, but are often neglected, such as positivity, stress management, motivation, confidence, focus and more.

Fika training courses are made up of short, five-minute exercises that helps towards study and personal goals. Five minutes of training, several times a week, has been proven to increase life satisfaction and positive outlook.

For more information and instructions on how to get started, visit our Fika pages.

Career Planner

The Career Planner is a great document to begin your exploration of your options, you can either download the document to work on independently, or bring it along to an appointment with our career coach to support you in your decision making.

Download the Career Planner PDF.

How do I get involved in the Graduate Career Community?

How do I get involved in the Graduate Career Community?

Step 1: Sign up to join the Graduate Career Community

Sign up is really simple and takes roughly two minutes. After you sign up you will receive a welcome email and a call from one of our team to assess your needs and help point you in the right direction for support.

Step 2: Meet with the Graduate Careers Coach

Our Graduate Career Coach will have an appointment with you to support you on your personal journey to graduate success.