Course changes explained

To improve your student experience, and the quality of your degree, it is sometimes necessary to make changes to a course. Our degree courses are reviewed regularly to ensure they meet expected standards and keep up with developments in the subject.

We listen to feedback from current students, employers, professional bodies and other stakeholders to see if changes are required; this helps raise the quality and standing of your Kingston University degree. On this page, we explain how likely course changes are and how we will communicate these changes to you.

The information below is for guidance purposes; we will review all changes individually to assess the likely impact to you and whether we need to get consent from you immediately (at the point the change has been confirmed) or at the point of enrolment.

Material information

There are certain changes we must inform you of if they are made after you have accepted an offer of a place on a course. The information that falls into this category is commonly referred to as ‘material information'.

What is material information?

Material information includes:

  • Course/award title
  • Entry criteria
  • Length of course
  • Accreditation details
  • Overall balance of how you get taught, i.e. between lectures, other scheduled learning and self-study time
  • Location the course will be delivered at, including work placements (if applicable)
  • Overall balance of the different types of assessments, i.e. exams, coursework and practical examination (see the Assessment section,  under Teaching and Assessment, on the course web page)
  • The module diet for your course, i.e. list of core (you have to take) and optional (you can choose to take) modules
  • Particular terms on your course, i.e. anything in your course which does not follow standard University regulations
  • Course costs, including tuition fees and any other mandatory extra costs

Is the material information likely to change?

It is unlikely that material information will change between when you accept an offer and you start the course, as the University has strict deadlines that changes must be approved by. These deadlines have been closely aligned to when potential students will be looking at the material information and using it to inform their decision to apply for a course.

However, there may be some instances where material information needs to be amended and implemented quickly. Such changes would only be approved if there was a strong rationale for the change and it was demonstrated that it was in the students' interest and/or that the change was needed to meet a professional body requirement.

How will we let you know?

Significant material changes

In order to be fair to you, we have identified the material changes listed below as significant, as they have the potential to impact your decision to study that course at Kingston University. Therefore if, exceptionally, changes are made to any of this information, you will be informed immediately and given the option to keep your place on the course or withdraw your acceptance to study with us. We will support you through this process; to get in touch, you can contact us.

Significant changes are any changes to:

  • Course/award title
  • Entry criteria where the requirements of entry are being increased
  • Length of course
  • Accreditation details
  • Location of the course (and work placements if applicable) delivery, if a course was going to be delivered outside the four main University campuses.
  • Overall balance of how you get taught, i.e. between lectures, other scheduled learning and self-study time, where the percentage of scheduled learning and self-study changes by more than 20%.
  • Total course costs

Other material changes

Changes to any other material information, not listed above under significant changes, will be highlighted to you at the point of enrolment.

If you are unhappy with those changes, we will support you to find a suitable alternative course either at Kingston University or another institution. To get in touch, you can contact us.

Closure of a course

If, for some reason, a course you have applied to is withdrawn and will not be delivered, we will inform you immediately, If required, we will help you find a suitable alternative course.

If you have started the course

If changes are made after you have started the course then you will be informed of those changes through your course Canvas site.

Any questions?

Please speak to your Course Director if you have queries about changes that affect your course. 

If you have not yet made an application please contact the Student Recruitment team; if you have already made an application please contact the Admissions team. For contact information, visit our contact us page.