Psychology facilities

Over the last five years the University has invested extensively in equipment and infrastructure to support psychological research.

Key features include:

  • A driving simulator (XPDS-RS from XPI Simulation);
  • High-resolution EEG (The BioSemi ActiveTwo 64+8+2 channel system);
  • Biopac MP100 Physiological monitoring system;
  • State-of-the-art video/audio monitoring in a dedicated observation room with digital viewing/editing suite (configured by Tracksys with Observer XT 11.0 monitoring applications);
  • Eyelink 1000 high-resolution eyetracker;
  • Tobii T-120 eyetracker;
  • Mobile eyetracker (Tobii Smart IR plus Tobii Studio Enterprise Edition);
  • CANTABeclipse tablet-based (touchscreen) neuropsychological test battery.

Laboratories have also been equipped to support studies in psychopharmacology, infant behaviour, decision-making and visual cognition. Laboratory facilities also include:

  • A suite of generic laboratories for staff/student research that can be configured for a range of research purposes, each containing 2 networked dual-function (Mac/PC) computers, high-resolution large-screen monitors, tables and chairs;
  • a large test room containing 25 networked dual-function computers for group testing. Laboratory and equipment bookings are managed online by a dedicated faculty website and by the SONA systems research participation web application.

The department also subscribes to a range of software research tools, eg Qualtrix, Observer XT Video Pro, Observer Facereader, Matlab, E-prime, Superlab, Nvivo, and others. A large number of laptops configured with Eprime and Superlab are available for offsite testing (eg at schools and clinics).

The department also operates a psychometric test store that maintains an updated repository of around 100 standardised tests; with a capital spend of around £2k per annum to maintain currency.

Facilities in the faculty