Psychology facilities

Comprehensive research facilities

At Kingston, we have made substantial investments in cutting-edge equipment and state-of-the-art infrastructure to facilitate ground-breaking psychological research. Over the past five years, our commitment to advancing the field of psychology has led to the establishment of comprehensive research facilities that empower our faculty and students to explore the complexities of human behaviour, cognition, and emotion.

Eye-tracking software being used at Kingston University
Eye-tracking software being used at Kingston University

Enriched research environment

These dedicated laboratories and specialised tools have been strategically chosen to support a diverse range of research areas, from neurophysiological investigations to psychopharmacology studies, decision-making and visual cognition, to our dedicated Baby Lab exploring infant behaviour. Our dedication to providing an enriched research environment underscores our mission to unlock new insights into the human mind and drive meaningful progress in the realm of psychological exploration.

State-of-the-art hardware

Our cutting-edge psychology research hardware is at the forefront of technology, featuring:

  • High-resolution EEG (Starstim tES-EEG and BioSemi ActiveTwo 64+8+2 channel system)
  • State-of-the-art video/audio monitoring in a dedicated observation suite with digital viewing/editing suite (configured by Tracksys with Observer XT monitoring applications)
  • Meta Quest Pro VR Headsets
  • Pico Neo VR Headsets
  • Wearable eye tracking Tobii Pro Glasses
  • Dedicated Tobii Pro Fusion 250Hz eye trackers
  • Motionwatch medical-grade actigraphy watches for the monitoring of sleep, circadian rhythm and physical activity
  • Polar Vantage V2 GPS Watches (with H10 Heart Rate Sensor)
  • Eyelink 1000 high-resolution eye tracker
  • Biopac MP100 Physiological monitoring system
  • CANTABeclipse tablet-based (touchscreen) neuropsychological test battery

Labs, software and psychometric resources

Our psychology community benefits from versatile research laboratories that can be configured for a range of purposes, each containing networked PC computers and high-resolution large-screen monitors.

Additionally, a spacious test room housing 25 networked dual-function computers facilitates group testing. To streamline accessibility, reservations for laboratories and equipment can be conveniently made through a dedicated online booking website, as well as the user-friendly SONA Systems (research participation web application).

The department also subscribes to a range of software research tools including Qualtrics, Observer XT Video Pro, Observer Facereader, Matlab, E-prime, Superlab and NVivo, and operates a psychometric test store that maintains an updated repository of around 100 standardised tests (with a capital spend of around £2k per annum to maintain currency).