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We are grateful to all our donors for their generosity and support, whether the gift is to say thank you, to support education and research, or simply to make life a little fairer. People give to Kingston for many different reasons. On this page you will find a few of the reasons why people support us. On behalf our students and the wider community, we thank you all!

Why I made a donation to Kingston University

I set up a direct debit to donate to Kingston University's Hardship Fund, the same fund that twice saved my dream, saved my future and changed my life!

I was close to being expelled and deported to my home country when the currency rapidly and unexpectedly changed, as a result of sanctions. Because of the new exchange rate, my family was unable to pay my tuition fees.

With the support from the Hardship Fund, I was able to continue my studies and finish my degree with distinction. I'm now a proud Mechanical Design Engineer.

Today, I am extremely happy to return the support given which saved my future, knowing it will save others.

Kimia Salehzadeh, MSc Engineering Projects & Systems Management (2016)

I am immensely fond of the University and all that it gave me.

A member of the Kingston alumni team visited me and we talked about various ways in which I could help current students – mentoring, guest speaking, judging competitions and also by supporting scholarships and bursaries.

I wouldn't have realised my full potential without the bursary I received, so the offer to help others in the same way I was helped was truly compelling.

The work Kingston University does to support talented students and help them realise their potential is tangible and transformational and I am very proud to be a part of this.

Mark Wignall, PGDip Marketing (1980)

I'm giving back because Kingston gave so much to me personally, including for my confidence and self-development. The course was an excellent blend of theory and practice, particularly in my placement year, alongside a strong sports and social life.

Helping others to have easier access to education, build sound careers and make a positive impact on society is why I feel particularly passionate about supporting young people.

The environment for students today is much more challenging in terms of access and financial support. Access to employment for those from non-traditional university backgrounds is so important, as is supporting positive outcomes for graduates in times of uncertainly.

Kevin Walsh, BSc Computer Information Systems Design (1990)

When I first started to give to support students at Kingston, I did so because I had a wonderful time here and wanted to ensure that others could thrive in an environment that suited me so well.

Over the years I can see the difference that my support is having on students at Kingston from all backgrounds – enabling them to get the education they deserve.

I also love sharing my experience and giving back in other ways as well.

It's been amazing using some of my business skills I obtained through Kingston and subsequent career to get involved in initiatives such as Bright Ideas.

Robyn Todd, BA Business Management (2011)

I strongly believe that entrepreneurship is not only a crucial factor in driving economic growth and innovation, but it also enables individuals to turn their dreams into reality, make a meaningful impact, and derive great pleasure from the challenges and opportunities that arise.

Entrepreneurs are a unique group of individuals who possess creativity, risk-taking abilities, and a strong sense of perseverance.

Additionally, entrepreneurship has the potential to address some of the world's most pressing economical, social and environmental issues. I am always in awe of the next generation of thinkers and doers as they realise their potential and achieve remarkable feats.

Anton Maljugin, DBA, 2009

I have great memories from my time as an architecture student at Knights Park and am very proud to have been a student there.

Everything I've seen happening today at Kingston University shows that they really look after their students and have a strong commitment to helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds. It is definitely something that we as a society should be doing.

I know from my 50 years of business experience that not all talents are shown immediately. There are some very bright people, if they only had their chance at the same education, could realise their true potential too.

Graduates should be aware of their social responsibility. If you also had a wonderful experience at Kingston, give back to future generations by opening those doors to them as they were opened for you.

Colin Squire, Architecture (1958)

Explore some of our partnerships

Co-Masonic Benevolent Fund

The Co-Masonic Benevolent Fund

The Co-Masonic Benevolent Fund is the charitable arm of the British Federation of the International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women and has a long history of supporting charities and causes focused on the relief of poverty or distress. In recent years, this remit has been expanded to include help for talented young people up to the age of 24 who are not able to fulfil their full potential because of poverty, hardship, or deprivation.

While having no previous direct link to Kingston University, trustees of the Fund became aware of the KU Cares programme when a Kingston University student reached out to them for a community project. This project impressed the trustees and planted the seed that would lead to The Co-Masonic Benevolent Fund approaching Kingston University, with a desire to help young people unable to go to university because of hardship – and ultimately funding 3 care leavers support packages.

Kingston University's KU Cares programme shares the Co-Masonic Benevolent Fund's core philosophy to make the community a better place by enabling the opportunity to build better lives. It was the potential for their donation to make a significant and lasting difference to individuals, and by extension the wider community, which sealed the partnership.

When asked for words of encouragement for future students, a Co-Masonic Benevolent Fund trustee said, "Working with Kingston University to find students who would really benefit from our donation means a lot to us. To those students; we encourage you to think big and take advantage of every opportunity you can. Don't be afraid to accept the help people in your community offer and use it to develop your best self."

Visit the Co-Masonic Benevolent Fund website

Fondazione Isacchi Samaja Onlus

Fondazione Isacchi Samaja Onlus

The noun "education" derives from the Latin instruere which means "to build, to give a structure".

At Fondazione Isacchi Samaja Onlus, we believe that by helping young people achieve their academic ambitions we can offer them not only an opportunity, but also confidence in building their own future. For this reason, the Fondazione has decided to support Kingston University's KU Cares programme, which is strongly committed to supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Fondazione Isacchi Samaja Onlus, inspired by the principles of solidarity and transparency, is a non-profit, non-political and non-partisan foundation. Its core objective is to provide social support in the areas of most need through different initiatives.

Since 2012, following the mission stated by its Founder, Mrs Amelia Isacchi Samaja, the Fondazione focuses on addressing two key social situations that are unfortunately increasingly widespread.

Firstly, supporting people overwhelmed with problems of extreme poverty (through social housing projects, mobile street units to help homeless people, and recognition of the victims of shipwrecks in the Mediterranean).

Secondly, supporting young people with the ability and will to study, but who lack the means to pursue education (in addition to the provision of scholarships and study aid in Italy, the Fondazione also supports two foreign projects: one in Bosnia and the other in the Republic of Djibouti).

Visit the Fondazione Isacchi Samaja Onlus website

Santander Universities

Santander Universities

Santander Universities donates time and resources to Kingston University through an ongoing partnership which has created opportunities for thousands of students, local businesses and the community.

More about Santander Universities' work with Kingston University

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