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Kingston University students share insight and tips for Young Carers Action Day

Posted Wednesday 15 March 2023

Kingston University students share insight and tips for Young Carers Action Day

Two Kingston University students who are young adult carers have shared their experiences of balancing their studies and caring responsibilities for Young Carers Action Day. They are both enrolled in the University's KU Cares scheme, which supports care-experienced students, young adult carers, estranged students and asylum seekers to achieve their academic and career ambitions.

Hristiana Petrova, final year psychology student explained how she balances her studies and caring responsibilities.

"The Young Adult Carers bursary has helped me as I'm not able to work on top of my studies like my peers. Having clear boundaries between caring and university work is important. I try my best to get to all my lessons and have set times for studying. I arrange to meet up with friends to keep up with my studies," she said.

"Finally, I think that self-compassion has helped me a lot. It's not something I had when I was younger, but now I know that it's ok not to feel like I'm doing a good job at being either a student or carer. I'm doing as much as I can and that's good enough for me."

Shivani Ladwa, final year architecture student also provided insight.

"I come home often to take care of my dad as he has long term health issues. I plan my week, specifying how long I can spend on each task so I can focus on all my modules and assignments whilst finding some time for self-care," she said. 

"I communicate with my tutors and course leaders regularly about my caring responsibilities and if they may interrupt my studies. By keeping them informed, I'm able to feel more secure and comfortable if for any reason I need to rush home."

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