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Kingston University student to represent the UK at World Skills Olympics

Posted Tuesday 25 June 2024

Kingston University student to represent the UK at World Skills Olympics Simonas Brasas

A Kingston University student will represent the United Kingdom at the World Skills Olympics this autumn, which will include over 1,400 competitors from 65 countries competing in 62 different skills.

Simonas Brasas, 22, is a second year aerospace engineering student and is one of only three elite London students among the 31 members of Team UK who are participating in the WorldSkills competition in Lyon.

Simonas describes his feelings about the competition as a mix of nervousness and enthusiasm. "It will be a difficult and nerve-racking experience because of the size of the competition and the medals on the line," he said. "Many teams will be competing from various skill backgrounds; therefore, you must bring your best and train hard to be prepared for anything. However, it is an honor to represent the United Kingdom at this international competition, and I believe that with proper preparation and mindset, my teammate Mikhaela and I have a strong opportunity of performing well and possibly winning medals."

Simonas first got involved in the competition during his time at Barking and Dagenham College when he was encouraged to enter by his teacher.

He is participating in the Industry 4.0 skill, which combines the latest technologies from industrial automation, such as interactive dashboard creation, cybersecurity, smart sensors, and many more. The four hour task will require the integration of all technologies to create an intelligent, cyber-physical system capable of producing adaptable products. More than 20 countries from around the world will compete in Industry 4.0.

Simonas is joined by his teammate Mikhaela Rain Roy, who graduated from Middlesex University earlier in 2023 and will compete for medals since the Industry 4.0 skill is a team skill. "Working together as a team is the most important factor for this skill, understanding how each other works will be the key to success, whilst also ensuring good planning of tasks" said Simonas.

Simonas also had to go through an extensive qualifying process, winning regional qualifiers and placing second in national competition, which led to become part of Team UK.

He is one of the Team UK which will compete in a vast array of disciplines including cyber security, renewable energy, digital construction, cooking, hairdressing and painting and decorating.

WorldSkills is used by governments, economists and business leaders around the world as a litmus test to measure future global economic growth.

WorldSkills Lyon 2024 is the 47th edition of the competition, which began back in 1953. The 2024 edition will host over 1,400 young people from 65 countries, who will compete in 62 different skill disciplines from 10th to 15th September.
Around 250,000 visitors are expected from around the world to visit the competition, which aims to inspire schools and youth groups to be the next generation of skilled professionals.



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