Doctor of Education (EdD): Apply for this course

Before you apply

Before you submit your application, please read through our entry criteria carefully to ensure you meet our requirements. Please ensure you read the guidelines below on how to develop your Statement of the proposed research project.

How to apply online

Please ensure you select the mode of attendance and start date that you wish to apply for below.

If you haven't begun an online application already, you will need to select 'new user' once the form is opened and set up a username and password. This allows you to save and return to your application if you can't complete the application in one go.

Start date Attendance
Doctor of Education (EdD): January 2025part time attendanceApply now

Application deadline

Applications for January 2025 entry close on 29 November.

Information required to confirm your place

We will require the following pieces of information to allow us to confirm your place on the course. These can be forwarded to us after you have submitted your application: 

  • Proposed research project, this should be uploaded with your application via OSIS or emailed separately to, please see below details of how this should be presented.

  • If English is not your first language we will require proof of your proficiency, which will generally be either an IELTS or TOEFL test certificate. If you do not hold a formal English language qualification, please indicate how you have acquired your proficiency in written and spoken English. See postgraduate English language requirements.  

  • Two references, at least one of which should be an academic reference (e.g. a college/university tutor or course director). If you left higher education several years ago, please request a reference from a professional who can comment on your suitability for the course you have applied for.  

These can be scanned and attached to the online application, or alternatively you can email your referees' details to and we will send them a reference form to complete and return.

All communications should include your full name and your Kingston University ID number, which can be found in your offer letter. 

Statement of the proposed research project

For your application, you will need to prepare and submit, as an attached document, a 'statement of the proposed research' (approx. 2000 words, excluding the reference list and any other supplementary item, e.g. bibliography).

Below is a short guide to help you prepare this statement. Please note that the proposed research, at this stage, is indicative and may change during the first phase of the programme, particularly during the fourth module, which is specially designed for the development of the research proposal for the project that you will undertake.

There is no standardised form for this statement, but it should outline the areas of your interest, your general insight into your chosen research topic, what you want to find out, why, how and from whom/where. You are not expected, at this stage, to be an expert and to know all the details of your research topic, but to have a good understanding of it and of the contribution it might make.

In line with the above, your statement it is recommended to include the following (not necessarily with the recommending order and wording):

A statement regarding what the study is about and why it is significant, interesting, and relevant to your professional role

  • Contextualise your aims and objectives (your professional context, role and setting); your personal interest and motivation (why this research excites you); explain what question(s) you are trying to answer and why it is important that these are addressed; what difference you think your research might make; any research ‘gaps' your research might be filling; any value your research might add to the subject and/or your profession area.

Some background knowledge and context of the area (both the field of study and work setting if applicable), in which you plan to work

  • Key literature, key people, and key issues, debates and research findings; how your work links to the work of others in the same or related fields. 

Consideration of the methods you might use

  • How are you planning to find the answers to your research questions? From whom / where, and with what method(s)? How are you going to conduct your research? Will you use existing methods/approaches or develop new ones? How might you design your project to get the information you need?

Some consideration regarding the timetable and resources necessary for the research project and any possible research challenges

  • Would your research be achievable in the time allocated (e.g. three and a half years within the second phase of the EdD)? What would the main stages of your work be? What challenges (including ethical issues) might you face and how might you overcome them?

Reference list

  • Throughout your statement, you are expected to use references to demonstrate that you have read, understood and acknowledged the work of others. At the end of the statement, add a reference list, (using the Harvard referencing), of the sources used in your statement. Further sources, which might be useful for your research but have not used in the statement, can also be added separately as a bibliography.

After you have applied

If the postgraduate admissions tutor requires further information or wishes to invite you to further assessment by interview they will contact you directly. You will then hear whether your application has been successful. 

If you do not clearly meet the standard entry requirements and the admission tutor wishes to see a portfolio from you, you will be sent an email asking you to upload your zipped portfolio to the Kingston University drop box within three weeks of the date of the email request. It will provide a dedicated course link to allow you to do this. 

The drop box homepage will ask you to enter your Kingston ID number, your name and the course name, as well as a confirmation email address to confirm receipt. Please enter this information carefully so we can clearly match your submitted portfolio to your application. You will automatically receive a confirmation email to confirm that you have successfully submitted your portfolio.