Film Making MA: Apply for this course

Before you apply

Before you submit your application, please read through our entry criteria carefully to ensure you meet our requirements.

How to apply online

Please ensure you select the mode of attendance and start date that you wish to apply for below.

If you haven't begun an online application already, you will need to select 'new user' once the form is opened and set up a username and password. This allows you to save and return to your application if you can't complete the application in one go.

Applications for January 2025 will open soon.

Film Making MA

Start date Attendance
September 2024full time attendanceApply now
September 2024part time attendanceApply now

Application deadlines

We encourage you to apply as soon as possible, applications will close when the course is full.

Portfolio and application advice

We usually expect applicants to have:

  • a passion for film making;
  • a distinct and individual voice;
  • a second class degree or above in a humanities subject (film, media studies, languages, history, English etc) or in any other subject relating to the art and craft of film making.

We also carefully consider non-standard entrants with relevant personal and work experience who can demonstrate the interest, commitment and ability required to make their own films.

Portfolio guidelines

For your portfolio of work we would like to see short films or clips of longer works you have made (no longer than 10 minutes of a longer work). Please send this as a web link (remember to make sure that you send a password, or make the work publicly available for viewing).

Carefully select and edit your work to produce an exciting, creative and representative portfolio which informs us about your skills, interests and shows your current film making skills. It is necessary for us to know exactly what role you undertook in the making of these films, so at the end of your personal statement please include a list of your works and your role in their productions. We are also happy to look at photography work, and a limited set of website links pertaining to your work.

You should include a short video of yourself answering the following questions – please do not read your answers from a script, we would like to see you speak spontaneously to camera:

  1. What kind of films do you want to make/stories do you want to tell and why?
  2. Why did you choose our MA film making to apply to, what are you looking to gain from the course?

Personal statement

Please also upload an additional personal statement which answers the following questions:

  1. Which films and film makers are you inspired by and why?
  2. What film making experience do you have and what are your strengths and weaknesses in this experience?
  3. Can you describe an experience of group work? What was your role and what did you learn about working as part of a group?
  4. Which role in film making do you most want to develop and why?


We normally invite applicants for an interview with the course director or another senior member of the teaching team.

International students based overseas can arrange for an interview by email or telephone.

Information required to confirm your place

We will require the following information to allow us to confirm your place on the course. This can be forwarded to us after you have submitted your application:

  • Proof of your English language proficiency, if English is not your first language. This will generally be either an IELTS or TOEFL test certificate. If you do not hold a formal English language qualification, please indicate how you have acquired your proficiency in written and spoken English. See postgraduate English language requirements.

All communications should include your full name and your Kingston University ID number, which can be found in your offer letter.

After you have applied

If the admission tutor wishes to see a portfolio from you, you will be sent an email asking you to upload your zipped portfolio to the OSIS portal within three weeks of the date of the email request.

If the admissions tutor requires further information or wishes to invite you to an interview, they will contact you directly. You will then hear whether your application has been successful.