Secondary Teaching leading to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) PGCE: Apply for this course


Before you apply

Before you submit your application, please read through our entry criteria carefully to ensure you meet our requirements.

How to apply online

Completing your application

You can apply for your course through the UK Department for Education portal, here:

Please enter the details of institutions and courses clearly and correctly on your form, paying particular attention to the codes. The code for Kingston University is K84 and the course codes are as follows:

Pathway UCAS code
Biology C1X1
Chemistry F1X1
Citizenship with Social Science 2VZZ
English 37ZX
Mathematics G1X1
Physical Education 3CL9
Physical Education with EBacc X838
Physics F3X1


Interviews are an important part of the selection process for teacher training courses. The University will make a decision following your interview and will then inform you through the UK Department for Education portal.