Angeliki Myrto Farmaki

Research project: The Science of Ghosts: Breaching the psycho-cinematic frame


Haunting alters our experience of being in time and space. The visual arises only from the invisible, for that which is seen is marked out by that which never comes to presence. Sometimes what is supposed to be "past" is experienced in the present as if it is both fantastic and real; sometimes what is supposed to be "it" as the body of something is instead a plural "they".  Haunting makes a puzzle of time and space; through "nonmaterial" transmission, it raises spectres. Through my research I work with film, generating screen environments, characters and viewing experiences using methods drawn from seance rituals, psychoanalysis and performance. Specifically, I develop the tools to construct psycho-screen models that express this collapse of time and space touching upon the repetition occurring within but also in between cinema and self. 


Myrto is a visual artist and filmmaker based in London. Her work addresses ideas of hauntology through the development of viewing and sonic experiences, via a destabilizing narrative construction. Using an interdisciplinary approach she develops systems drawn from live performance, psychoanalysis and ritual, archived sound and non-edited structures, in order to examine formal strategies of engagement. Currently, she is undertaking a TECHNE funded art practice PhD with Kingston University and she is on a PhD placement with the Wellcome Trust. Her work has been featured in various places including BBC radio, ICA (London), Wellcome Collection and the BFI.


  • MA in Experimental Film at Kingston University
  • BA in Fine Art at Loughborough University

Funding or awards received

  • AHRC Techne Doctoral Training Partnership