Anna Beria

Research project: Modalities of the Absolute: Spinoza, Hegel, Marx and Ecofeminism


The central focus of the proposed research is the relation between modal logic and the thinking of the Absolute in Spinoza, Hegel and Marx. It will ask how far Marx has a figure of the Absolute in his philosophy corresponding to the Third Kind of Knowledge in Spinoza, and to the Absolute Knowing (or the "Absolute Method") in Hegel. The research will investigate whether approaching all three philosophical systems through the problem of modal logic offers a complementary reading of the ways they engage with the problem of the absolute. The research will first compare Spinoza's Intuitive Knowledge (as intellectual love of God; identity between God and Nature) with Hegel's Absolute Knowing (beyond representational thought/separation of subject and object) and Immanent Self-Determination, and then both with the understanding of the Revolutionary Subject in Marx (going beyond the separation of subject(ivity) and object(ivity)). By investigating whether the Absolute moments in all three systems propose an alternative modality to Aristotelian/Kantian/Enlightenment modal logic, the research will investigate how far this alternative logic allows these thinkers to propose an alternative notion of immanent social rationality. It will also ask whether this alternative notion of immanent social rationality can inform an interdisciplinary approach to human sociality as a potentially feminist politics of care/ethics immanent to social being, merging distinctive philosophical categories such as ontology, epistemology, politics and ethics.


I am a PhD candidate at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University. My PhD project title is 'Modalities of the Absolute: Spinoza, Hegel, Marx and Ecofeminism', supervisor Howard Caygill. My MA thesis was titled 'Structure and its Other: Lacan and Althusser', under the supervision of Etienne Balibar. At the level of my BA I was studying Social Sciences and Marxist Thought. I am also involved in translation projects of contemporary critical theory, marxist thought and feminist thought into Georgian. My main topics of interest are the intersections between critical social theory, philosophy, psychoanalysis, and feminist theory. 

Areas of research interest

  • Modern European Philosophy
  • Critical Social and Political Thought
  • Soviet Philosophy
  • Feminist and Ecofeminist Thought
  • Philosophy of the Subject
  • Spinoza
  • Hegel
  • Marx
  • Psychoanalysis


  • MA in Philosophy and Contemporary Critical Theory, Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University, London
  • BA in Social Sciences, Free University of Tbilisi, Georgia

Funding or awards received

  • Techne AHRC Fully Funded Studentship
  • Kingston University partial MA Studentship
  • International Education Centre in Georgia MA Funding