Mrs Bianca Laverne Jaros

Research project: Poetic Language and Conflicts of Identity in Domestic Space'


My research explores and reflects upon the relationships between poetry, domestic space, reverie and identity. My interest is in how women daydream in private domestic spaces. My thesis and poetry collection mirrors each other by showing that what is perceived in the domestic space depends on a poet's language and technique, such as projective verse, concrete poetry and experimental poetry. My poetry collection is based on my research about the reverie continually changing based on what a woman perceives within her imagination. Similarly, daydreaming sometimes leaves her longing for a familiar image of a past place, which it seems can only be viewed in her memories. I look at how reverie solves this repetitive, irregular train of thought that happens to a woman amid a daydream state within her domestic space. I then examine how this changes how a woman perceives her domestic space when her memories of the place she once inhabited make her question her present domestic space because it does not mirror the traditions of where she was born. My research explores how science, such as outer space and geography, including landmarks, has an impact on my poetic practice concerning how the poet sees how the world influences techniques such as repetitions and metaphors used through a poem; therefore, the aim is to define place and space. My reverie research allows these different poetic techniques, such as concert and projective verse, to show the repetitive experiences of the home from a different viewpoint. I also look at the works of Gaston Bachelard, such as 'Air and Dreams,' 'Water and Dreams' and 'The Poetics of Space.' I show how these elements take us in and out of being strangers in our own space. Consequently, this will reflect the cultural complex and the tug-of-war between American, Czech and British cultures, which ideally answers how the poet weaves the imagination into past and present moments within a domestic space that redefines a home.

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: Poetic Language and Conflicts of Identity in Domestic Space'
  • Research supervisor: Mr Steven J. Fowler
  • Other research supervisor: Dr Martin Dines


I received my Bachelor's in Journalism with a minor in Creative Writing at Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas and my Master of Fine Arts (Poetry) at Kingston University London. My PhD focuses on how poetic language reflects the conflict of identity within our domestic space.

Areas of research interest

  • Poetry
  • Philosophy
  • Domestic Space


  • Bachelor of Art
  • Master's in Fine Art


Brittle Star issue 45 2019