Mr Ché Grant

Research project: To design, manufacture and optimise vehicle component(s) utilising sustainable, biodegradable materials.


Production in the automotive sector is a major contributor to CO2 emissions. Recently, automotive manufactures have begun to incorporate sustainable materials in the production of their vehicles by utilising bio-composites instead of petroleum-based matrix together with natural fibre reinforcement to lower weight, emissions and improve recyclability. However, the materials are not widely used for high performance applications. Through Computer-Aided Engineering, and real-world testing biodegradable components can be effectively designed for use in structual components. The aim of this project is to design, manufacture and optimise vehicle components utilising sustainable, biodegradable materials.

Currently, the project objectives are as follows: 

  • Carring out finite element analysis of the designed components to determine their structural integrity, failure characteristics, post damage strength, and service life;
  • Manufacture the components and perform tests to verify the computational results;
  • Assess the influence of different environmental conditions, such as temperature and moisture, on the performance of biodegradable materials.


I graduated from the University of Bath with an MEng in Mechanical with Automotive Engineering. During my degree I was part of the Team Bath Racing formula student team where I designed light weight wheel hubs from initial concept to final design and manufacture. During that time, I gained experience with CAD modelling, finite element analysis Inventor Autodesk, CNC machining, and compliance to automotive standards.

I observed an abundance of derelict vehicles in my home country that put strain on the solid waste management due to non-biodegradable plastics and metals. I saw an opportunity to carry out research on alternative materials that are more environmentally friendly that can replace these materials.

Currently, I am undergoing a PhD project on the design and manufacture of vehicle component(s) utilising sustainable, biodegradable materials, to make an original contribution to the existing body of knowledge.

Areas of research interest

  • Composite Materials
  • Natural fibres
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Automotive
  • Sustainability


  • MEng Mechanical With Automotive Engineering, University of Bath

Funding or awards received

  • National Scholarship Award, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines