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Mr Chris Howe

Research project: The transitional psycho-physiology of ultra-endurance running.


Ultra-marathons have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with a large rise in the number of races and events. Surprisingly, 25% of ultra-runners typically have less than three years of regular running experience at the time of taking part in their first ultra-marathon. Due to the multifaceted elements that contribute to performance in ultra-marathon running, ranging from physiological, biochemical, psychological and nutritional, it is important to investigate potential issues as well as determining normative physiological responses and adaptations, as well understand and establish strategies and guidelines to maximize performance. It has been suggested that participation such events may even be hazardous to participants general health, as participation leads to high levels of metabolic stress which can be linked to negative health consequences. Therefore, the research aims to investigate the physiological, nutritional and psychological responses to ultra-marathon running.


I joined Kingston University 2010 as the Exercise Physiology Technician following the completion of my undergraduate degree in Sport Science with Business. I followed this with my Masters by Research degree entitled: ‘Validation of Combined Tri-axial Accelerometry & Heart Rate for Predicting Energy Expenditure during Walking in Overweight & Obese Adults'. I am now a P/T PhD researcher, investigating the physiological and psychological effects of ultra-endurance running. As Senior technician I am responsible for the daily management of the human physiology laboratory and provide support and assistance of relevant exercise physiology techniques and processes including the theory and principles which they are applied. My responsibilities have included teaching on a variety of modules, supporting research and various departmental administration activities. One of my key responsibilities has been to develop, manage and coordinate the delivery of specialised consultancy services within sport, nutrition and health for external clients and athletes

Areas of research interest

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Ultra-endurance exercise
  • Extreme Environments
  • Nutrition


  • Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Masters by Research - Kingston University London
  • BSc Joint Honours Sports Science with Business (First Class) - Kingston University London


Howe, C. C., Moir, H. J., & Easton, C. (2017). Classification of physical activity cut-points and the estimation of energy expenditure during walking using the GT3X+ accelerometer in overweight and obese adults. Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science,1-7.

Howe, C. C., Matzko, R. O., Piaser, F., Pitsiladis, Y. P., & Easton, C. (2014). Stability of the K4b2 portable metabolic analyser during rest, walking and running. Journal of sports sciences, 32(2),157-163.

Muggeridge, D. J., Howe, C. C. F., Spendiff, O., Pedlar, C., James P. E., Easton, C.  (2014) A single dose of beetroot juice enhances cycling performance in simulated altitude. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.46 (1):143-150.

Muggeridge, D. J., Howe, C. C. F., Spendiff, O., Pedlar, C., James P. E., Easton, C. (2013). The Effects of a Single Dose of Concentrated Beetroot Juice on Performance in Trained Flatwater Kayakers.  International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.23:498-506. 

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