Mr Edris Shafiee

Research project: Quality of Experience in Light Field Video


This project aims to investigate the factors that influence the perceived quality of light field image/video by end user and  deliver a novel method to elevate the quality.


I have been working in telecom industry in various technical and managerial roles since graduating from my first degree BUT returning to university every 10 years to achieve and complete something new :)

Areas of research interest

  • Light Field Imaging and Video
  • Multimedia Communications
  • Data Communications
  • Machine Learning


  • BEng in Telecommunications Engineering
  • MSc in Computer Vision and Image Analysis


Shafiee, Edris and Martini, Maria (2023) Datasets for the quality assessment of light field imaging : comparison and future directions. IEEE Access, 11, pp. 15014-15029. ISSN (online) 2169-3536

Kara, Peter A., Tamboli, Roopak R., Shafiee, Edris, Martini, Maria G., Simon, Aniko and Guindy, Mary (2022) Beyond perceptual thresholds and personal preference : towards novel research questions and methodologies of quality of experience studies on light field visualization. Electronics, 11(6), p. 953. ISSN (online) 2079-9292