Mr George Reid

Research project: Chiptune: The Ludomusical Shaping of Identity


Chiptune is an early form of digital electronic music, which began its life in late 20th century video games and home computer hardware. Since, it has undergone a rapid evolution from an obsolete industry tool to a thriving global fan culture. In the present-day, chiptune spans a multitudinous array of musical practices; its signature ‘bleeps' and ‘bloops' branch into many other stylistic conventions and playful fannish crossovers. Wherever chiptune fans go, and wherever they musically play, the technological and sonic constraints that define chiptune's sound remain a staple throughout their musical and fannish activities. Where previous research on chiptune largely documents its rich techno-cultural history, this study takes a wholly new approach and explores the ways in which chiptune's signature technologies and sounds shape fan identities in their musical performance. Through its interdisciplinary framework, this study develops new insights on the playful relationship between technology, sound, music and fan identity.


I am currently a doctoral student in Musicology at Kingston University, supervised by Professor Isabella van Elferen and Professor Will Brooker. Through an interdisciplinary framework, my thesis explores the ways in which chiptune's constrained technologies and sounds have shaped – and continue to shape – the identities of fans through the playfulness of their musical interactions. In addition to ludomusicology, chiptune, and fan studies, my research interests also include the relationship between multimedia and nostalgia, and the presence of remediation in the context of music fandom.

In addition to my academic work, I am also an avid composer of both chiptune and synth-wave.

Areas of research interest

  • (Ludo)musicology
  • Music Fan Studies
  • Nostalgia Studies
  • Media Theory
  • Critical Theory
  • Affect Theory
  • Sound Studies
  • Subcultural Studies


  • BA Musicology, Kingston University
  • MRes Musicology, Kingston University
  • Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (SEDA)

Funding or awards received

  • Kingston University Studentship


Reid, George (2018) Chiptune : The Ludomusical Shaping of Identity. The Computer Games Journal, 7(4), pp. 279-290. ISSN (print) 2052-773X

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Reid, George (2018) Chiptune : the ludomusical shaping of identity. The Computer Games Journal, 7(4), pp. 279-290. ISSN (print) 2052-773X

Conference or Workshop Item

Reid, George (2015) Affect, empathy and a sense of belonging through interaction with videogame music. In: Thirty-Sixth International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts : The Scientific Imagination; 18-22 Mar 2015, Orlando, U.S.. (Unpublished)


Reid, George (2015) Videogame music fans : artefacts, media literacy, and affectionate musical storytelling. (MA(R) thesis), Kingston University, .

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Conference papers

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