Ms Giselle Laquis

Research project: FGF signaling in breast cancer


Breast cancer is the most common in the UK as it accounts for around 150 cases on average per day. Owing to these statistics is the fact that there is still an increase in the incidence rate. This highlights the  reality that there is still a vast amount of research that needs to be conducted. FGF signaling is implicated in breast cancer susceptibility and its progression. Unfortunately, there has only been a few studies conducted that address how full length receptors undergo nuclear translocation and how they escape the early endosome compartment. Previous studies showed how a C terminal cleaved by GrB traffics to the nucleus and regulates the target gene expression. Further research is required to determine which FGFRs and FGFs are expressed in breast cancer cell lines, the importance of the ligand/receptor interaction and the molecular mechanism behind FGFR nuclear localisation and its functional importance. 


Science is fascinating and with cancer affecting us all whether personally or impersonally, Ive always wanted to delve further into the research aspect of this sector. As a result, I was able to do my BSc in Biochemistry and Biology back home at UWI where I was able to learn the basic laboratory techniques after undertaking a year long placement in the biochemistry laboratory. After gaining the foundation needed, I decided to pursue an MSc. in Cancer Biology at Kingston University. As this was just a taught masters and I was able to obtain the background in Cancer Biology, I then wanted to start the research journey. I knew from my masters that Kingston had the resources available to do just that. Therefore, i was able to attain an opportunity to do my PhD here to continue to do just that

Areas of research interest

  • Cancer Biology
  • Breast cancer
  • Cancer Therapeutics


  • BSc in Biochemistry and Biology, The University of the West Indies
  • MSc in Cancer Biology with Distinction, Kingston University London