Hongying Li

Research project: Policy and human behavioural strategies to mitigate zoonotic disease emergence in southern China


Emerging and re-emerging zoonotic diseases have been a contributor to the morbidity and mortality in southern China, where harbors a large number of wildlife with high biodiversity and existing active human-animal interactions. Lack of knowledge on the behavioral risks of human-animal interactions, and current reactive rather than preventative policies in China are barriers for effective zoonotic disease prevention.  Employing a new method of integrated biological-behavioral risk surveillance in community, combining local policy efficiency analysis, this project seeks to 1) develop effective risk-mitigation behavioral change strategies; 2) provide evidence-based policy recommendations to improve the efficiency of prevention policy; and 3) build local capacity and multi-sectoral collaborations to ultimately mitigate the emergence of zoonotic diseases in southern China.

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: Policy and human behavioural strategies to mitigate zoonotic disease emergence in southern China
  • Research supervisor: Professor Mark Fielder
  • Other research supervisor: Professor Philip Terry


I have an interdisciplinary background in ecology, public health, and human behavior, coupled with extensive on-the-ground experience working with communities, governmental and academic partners in China. For the past 3 years I have worked as China Programs Coordinator at EcoHealth Alliance, acting as the key point-of-contact among EcoHealth staff and our partners in China. I have coordinated fieldwork to conduct bat sampling, and human behavioral risk assessments across 5 provinces in southern China. I have also liaised directly with all key partners on this proposal. Additionally, I coordinate EcoHealth Alliance's wildlife trade research in China and SE Asia focusing on analyzing incentives to trade and consume wildlife. I work closely with Chinese Health and Forestry governmental departments, research institutes, and local organizations to foster collaboration and communication as part of my PhD research on "Policy and Human Behavioral Strategies to Mitigate Zoonotic Disease Emergence in Southern China".

Areas of research interest

  • Zoonotic Disease
  • Behavioral Risk
  • One Health
  • Health Policy
  • Ecology


  • Master in Public Health
  • Bechalor in Biosciences