Mr Jamal Ismail

Research project: Construction health and safety in Jordan: The case for regulatory and industry reforms to drive better compliance, enforcement, and performance


Health and Safety (H&S) management is vital to the construction industry due to the risks faced by construction workers and its influence on project productivity and performance. H&S practices are rarely implemented in developing countries like Jordan and as a result accidents and fatalities are frequently reported. A preliminary review of the literature highlights that occupational health and safety (OHS) legislation in Jordan applies to all industrial sectors. The proposed research hypothesises that aspects of the regulatory framework in the UK can be emulated to inform legislation reforms in Jordan, which coupled with the introduction of new industry codes of practice could drive better enforcement and performance. Secondary research will be carried out to examine the legislative context in the UK and determine adaptations taking into account Jordan's industry practice and culture. A mixed methods approach to primary data collection will be adopted, involving a questionnaire survey and interviews with project stakeholders and legislators in Jordan to establish the nature of the necessary reforms and joint initiatives between the government and professional bodies to promote better enforcement and compliance. 


I have been working as a site manager for Multiplex over the past three years, during which I successfully completed an MSc in Construction Project Management at Westminster University. Prior to all this, I spent three years as a contractor in a project involving the construction of twelve residential apartment buildings - totalling to an area of 29,000 square metres - in Amman, Jordan.

Before my work in construction project management, I was the managing director at a construction and plant machinery import-export business for twelve years. Here, I was responsible for overseeing company performance, directing purchasing and export activities, directing finance and contract managers, buying and purchasing construction equipment and machinery, as well as developing business contacts in the UK, and liaising with suppliers.

Areas of research interest

  • Health and Safety in Construction
  • Construction Project Management


  • MSc in Construction Project Management
  • BSc in Civil Engineering

Funding or awards received

  • Student loan