Miss Julie Mallet

Research project: Indigenous strategies in fishing activity in New Caledonia, Capital theory and Indigenous entrepreneurship framework.


The research explores the factors impacting on the development of entrepreneurial strategies in indigenous context of Pacific. The unique setting of New Caledonia implies the overlapping of different research fields from anthropology and history to geography. This perspective proceeds with emphasis on context in entrepreneurship research and encourages us to look at society as more complex than just the imaginary world of perfect competition, but rather as a product of accumulated history and diverse properties - as knowledge or heredity characteristics. Indigenous entrepreneurship research highlights different type of strategies which can be viewed under the perspective of opting-in the global economy, or opting-out the global economy.  The approach implied taking into account the particular role of context using capitals theory applied to an indigenous entrepreneurship framework. Inspired by grounded theory process, the role of trust sparkle our attention in the first phase of research.

External supervisor : Prof. Léo Paul Dana

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: Indigenous strategies in fishing activity in New Caledonia, Capital theory and Indigenous entrepreneurship framework.


I hold a graduate degree from the Strasbourg Business School,  MPhil from Open  University in Heerlen Netherlands, and now I am affiliated to Kingston business school to complete my PhD in part time basis.

I have an international experience in entrepreneurship development (Peru, Uk) and have participated in diverse research projects which can be grouped under the umbrella of diversity and development, prior my PhD: The harvest of Brazilian nut in Tambopata Peru,  The entrepreneurial alertness among disabled entrepreneurs in France or during the course of PHD with Agronomical Institute in New Caledonia about the impact of fishing project subsidies  (North Province of New Caledonia), or with other PhD students 'Entrepreneurship as a Vehicle for Effective Participation in the Global Economy ‘On One's Own Terms'). In addition I tend to be active in diverse NGO or charity programs like more recently ' The Big Blue Blueprint' and 'We Are possible'.

Areas of research interest

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Indigenous entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable development
  • Fishing activity

Funding or awards received

  • Best Paper award for ‘Cooperative entrepreneurship & Brazil nuts (Bertholletia excelsa) harvesters amidst gold dredging in Peru' presented at Advances in Business-Related Scientific Research Conference 2013, Rome, 2–4 October 2013.1


2021 :  "Pêche côtière en province Nord : enquête sur l'efficacité des aides provinciales" (January 2021) Catherine Sabinot, Severine Bouard, N. Cornuet, Gilbert David, Camille Fossier, Julie Mallet, E. Bonnet-Vidal, J. Fernandez

2019: - "Traditional fishing activity, customary exchanges and the vision of informality in New Caledonia, for the book « Informal Ethnic Entrepreneurship - Future Research Paradigms for Creating Innovative Business Activity » Julie Mallet, Chantal Napoe, Raymond Tyuienon, Severine Bouard, Catherine Sabinot, Editors: Veland Ramadani, Léo-Paul Dana, Vanessa Ratten and Abdylmenaf Bexheti.

2018: - Participation to"Chapitre 30 Pêche identitaire, nourricière et commerciale dans les écosystèmes récifaux", Payri Claude (ed.), Moatti Jean-Paul (pref.).

2014: Publication on Collective entrepreneurship in concessions of Brazilian nuts in Tambopata reserve, in Puerto Maldonado and Lima, Peru; Publication IJESB Vol. 22, No. 2, 2014. - Referee for "The Old Man and the Sea" Manuscript 2015-5555, IJESB.

Conference papers

2019 : "SME Internationalization in Challenging Contexts" September  14th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship At: Kalamata, Greece,, Vahid Jafari-Sadeghi, Julie Mallet, Antony Itayi Jongwe, Robert B Anderson, Jean-Marie Nkongolo-Bakenda

2015: ICEIRD Sheffield, UK , "Toward an understanding of Entrepreneurship in New Caledonia: A Contextual approach "

2013: ABSRC Roma, Italy "An unusual empirical pattern in an indigenous setting: cooperative entrepreneurship among Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa) harvesters" Best paper Award.