Mr Junnan Lusha

Research project: The Trembling Space: Other Narrative


The research proposes stretching the epistemological relation to the historical material and personal history that recurred the artistic framework into the relationship between the labour's shifting and the event site; there are dimensions of the image and the narrative. Following this framework draw to a signification of signs related to these dimensions and a shifting in focus an investigation and reconstruction of labour memory becomes the new perspective on the narrative changes that are transferring to the art form of the melancholy landscape. Drawing on the intellectual work of Bruno Latour, Merleau-Ponty and Hannah Arendt, the study provides a new visual transition on the modern of the cultural tokens from 20th Century and 21st Century between event site, melancholy landscape and memory, seeking to the alternative passage that treating the spatial dislocation relation to the image and the narrative within a network of signs.

  • Research degree: MA by Research
  • Title of project: The Trembling Space: Other Narrative
  • Other research supervisor: Ms Amanda Ure


I am an international student as Chinese person do my research in the UK. My study level is the PG researcher at Kingston University. I was completed the master degree of MFA within Kingston School of Art in 2017.

September 2017 / Exhibition- MA/MFA Final Show: Water Is Wet in Stanley Picker Gallery.

Areas of research interest

  • Contemporary art in the visual of the material practice
  • Hauntology, ANT's theory, Phenomenology
  • The relationship between labour and capitals
  • The fictional narrative about postmodern citizens, labour, death and intelligent machines
  • The psychological perception about trembling, melancholy and haunting
  • Automatic drawing, collage images and the experimental video
  • The symbolic of the aesthetic
  • Nocturnal photography


  • MFA in Painting, Southwest University for Nationalities, China
  • MFA in Fine Art, Kingston University
  • MA by Research, Kingston University