Mr Kamran Javidi

Research project: 3-D Light-Field video communication over 5G Networks for real-time tele-surgery and training


The project will address immersive environments for healthcare, with a special focus on tele-surgery and surgery training. Light field imaging enables real 3D representation of scenes, where displays can be watched without glasses from different points of view, visualizing a different portion of the objects in the scenes as we move in front of the display. This has the potential to enable novel use cases in healthcare, such as surgery training and remote surgery. The current challenge is the large amount of data associated to this type of data representation, hence the project will focus on quality-preserving compression strategies for this type of data and on the design of appropriate transmission strategies, leveraging the latest advances on video streaming, multi-access edge computing, and machine learning. 


1- Contract Lecturer in computer science at East London University.

2- Research Assistant at Kingston University.

3- IT Specialist at Delaware North company.

4- CEO and executive manager of KAMICO. Excessive experiences in Gas Pipe Line's projects (TBS, CPS, Telecommunication and etc), executive manager and analyser of  Mechanical and Electrical maintenance projects for power plants.

5- IT engineer (Cisco and Microsoft), Architecture of R & S, Security, Server.

Areas of research interest

  • 3-D Light Field Image Processing
  • Data Communication
  • Software Development


  • MSc Networking and Data Communication
  • MEng Telecommunication Engineering
  • BEng Power Electro technique Engineering