Mr Kamran Javidi

Research project: 3-D Light-Field video communication over 5G Networks for real-time tele-surgery and training


Kamran possesses extensive industrial experience in electrical and computer science engineering, having overseen over 40 successful projects as a director and project analyst. He obtained his BEng in Electrical Engineering, followed by an MEng in Telecommunication System Engineering, as well as an MSc in Networking and Data Communication. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD in the field of image processing and data communication. In addition to his academic pursuits, Kamran holds deep certified knowledge across various levels of computer networks and cloud systems. As an educator, he has instructed a diverse array of computer science modules.


1. Lecturer in Computer Science at RUL, UoW, and UEL.

2. Research Assistant at Kingston University.

3. CEO and Executive Manager of KAMICO. Vast experience in Gas Pipeline projects (TBS, CPS, Telecommunication, etc.), Executive Management, and Automation Analysis of Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance projects for power plants.

4. Solution Architect and IT Engineer (Cisco and Microsoft), specializing in Network Architecture, Security, and Server Management.

Areas of research interest

  • 3-D Light Field Image Processing and data communication


  • MSc Networking and Data Communication
  • MEng Telecommunication Engineering
  • BEng Power Electro technique Engineering


Javidi, Kamran, and Maria G. Martini. 2024. "A Light-Field Video Dataset of Scenes with Moving Objects Captured with a Plenoptic Video Camera" Electronics 13, no. 11: 2223.

Javidi, K., Martini, M.G. and Kara, P.A., 2024, February. Investigation of the separation zone for split-domain light field visualization. In 2024 28th International Conference on Information Technology (IT) (pp. 1-4). IEEE.

Javidi, K., Martini, M.G. and Kara, P.A., 2023. KULF-TT53: A Display-Specific Turntable-Based Light Field Dataset for Subjective Quality Assessment. Electronics, 12(23), p.4868.