Lea Idinopulos

Research project: Imaginal and Imaginary –Corbin contra Sartre on Imagination where Angels and Literary Characters roam.


 This research project aims to investigate the concept of the imagination through two opposite approaches. One is the approach of Henry Corbin, whose concept of the mundus imaginalis, the world of imagination, is a concept of a real world. The second is the approach of Jean Paul Sartre, whose concept of the imaginary is a concept of the irreal. These differences in the concepts of the imagination are rooted in the two philosophers' different approach to human reality, where imagination has a central part. The Heideggerian Dasein with its complex relationship between Being and beings looms at the background for both. 

An emphasis will be put on investigating Corbin's concept of mundus imaginalis, which for Corbin is the locus of theophanies that are essential for him in guiding us to self -knowledge.  The research will investigate how for Corbin, theophany exemplifies the Heideggerian hermeneutics and concerns the unveiling of the exoteric to reach the esoteric, where, according to Corbin, true knowledge dwells.

This research will ask whether the visionary journey of theophany that is so essential for Corbin to guide us to the hermeneutics of the soul and to that unique kind of true self-knowledge, is the only way to gain such knowledge? In other words, can there be non-divine related ekstatic/ecstatic ‘forms' that are not angels, but that nevertheless can unveil hermeneutically the exoteric so that we can reach the esoteric and gain that unique self- knowledge?  This research will suggest that literary characters may be those other "forms," which are revealed to us in the mundus imaginalis, and which can take us on the visionary journey to gain that certain knowledge, which revealed to us who we are. 


I have BA in Mathematics and Philosophy from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I also graduated the Academy of Music in Jerusalem. I have JD in Law from Cincinnati Law School. I graduated with an MPhil in CRMEP in Kingston University, where I am studying now for a PhD. 

Areas of research interest

  • Philosophy