Mr Mahmoud Akkawi

Research project: Fast Robotic Disassembly for Improving WEEE Recycling


The surge in global electronic waste (WEEE) poses a significant environmental challenge, necessitating innovative solutions for efficient recycling. This Ph.D. project introduces a ground-breaking approach to robotic disassembly, aimed at enhancing recycling practices amidst the escalating e-waste crisis.

The initiative adopts a holistic strategy, encompassing the redesign of electronic objects and the development of an adaptable robotic platform, emphasizing versatility, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. Key aspects include optimizing object casings for robotic manipulation, incorporating user-friendly features such as snap-fits, and eliminating traditional fastening methods like screws to streamline disassembly processes.

Anticipated outcomes of this project include the development of a versatile robotic disassembly platform, poised to make significant contributions to WEEE recycling efforts by enhancing resource recovery and minimizing environmental impact. The integration of machine learning and computer vision ensures enhanced autonomy and adaptability, further bolstering the efficiency and sustainability of electronic waste management practices.

In conclusion, this Ph.D. initiative addresses the pressing need for efficient and sustainable electronic waste management through innovative robotic disassembly techniques, poised to revolutionize the recycling industry and mitigate the detrimental effects of e-waste accumulation on the environment.


I am Mahmoud Akkawi, a Ph.D. student at the School of Engineering, Computing, and the Environment. My research focuses on Fast Robotic Disassembly for Enhancing WEEE Recycling. With a distinction in MSc Mechatronics Systems and over three years of industry experience in control, robotics, and automotive across Cyprus, Lebanon, and the United Kingdom, I've honed my skills and passion for innovative solutions. Now, I'm dedicated to pushing the boundaries of control and robotics applications, particularly in addressing environmental challenges. My goal is to leverage cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize electronic waste recycling and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Areas of research interest

  • Control
  • Robotics
  • Electronics
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning


  • MSc in Mechatronics Systems
  • BSc in Electrical and Electrons Engineering
  • BSc in Mechatronics Engineering

Funding or awards received

  • MPhil/PhD Studentship in the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and the Environment