Miss Marie Louise Krogh

Marie Louise Krogh


Research project: Temporality and Territory - 'Universal History', 'World-History' and 'Globalisation' as Models of Historical Unification after Kant, Hegel and Marx


This thesis presents a critical study of the conceptual choices which can be considered to underpin eighteenth and nineteenth century attempts to account for a spatial unification of the globe at the level of its temporal reverberations, specifically in German philosophies of history around the point of a terminological shift between ‘Universal-‘ and ‘Welt-geschichte'. The approach to this transition will be twofold. Firstly, a focus on the import of travel literature for emerging philosophies of history in the eighteenth century will situate these explanatory models within the colonial contexts of the period. Secondly, the critical historical study will be placed in relation to contemporary conceptions of ‘globalisation': where unification and differentiation as global concerns are typically considered on a spatial model, this thesis ask how the spatial register might translate back into historical constraints, variations and differences, where time as temporality must be reckoned with? At stake then, is the problem of the unity of history articulated in terms of the unification of historical times, of diverse forms of temporalisation (productions and configurations of the interplay between past-present-future) that interact, come into conflict, amplify or cancel each other out.⁠

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: Temporality and Territory - 'Universal History', 'World-History' and 'Globalisation' as Models of Historical Unification after Kant, Hegel and Marx
  • Research supervisor: Professor Peter Osborne
  • Other research supervisor: Professor Howard Caygill


I am a researcher, writer, and teacher from Copenhagen. 

Areas of research interest

  • Modern and Early Modern Philosophy
  • Philosophies of History
  • Philosophies of Time
  • Historiography of Philosophy
  • Postcolonial Theory
  • Feminist Theory
  • Frankfurt School Critical Theory and Affiliates
  • Marxisms


  • BA in Philosophy, University of Copenhagen
  • MA Contemporary European Philosophy, CRMEP, Kingston University and Université Paris VIII

Funding or awards received

  • Kingston University Fully Funded Studentship Grant (2016)
  • Augustinu's Fund Travel Grant (2016)
  • Otilla Brorson's Travel Grant (2016)
  • CRMEP Prize in Contemporary European Philosophy (2015)
  • Oticon Fonden Exchange Grant (2013)
  • Erasmus Scholarship (2011)


  • ‘Gridlock! The debate on Vivek Chibber's Postclonial Theory and the Spectre of Capital', in Radical Philosophy, vol. 2.01, (London 2018), pp.115-118.

  • ‘Walter Benjamin og hverdagens bilder', in Agora – Journal for Metafysisk Spekulation, vol.35, Aschehoug (Oslo ,2017), pp.186-207.

  • ‘Hverdagen var aldrig tids eller historieløs – om hverdagens filosofi og Walter Benjamin i Moskva' (‘The "Everyday" in Time and History – on the philosophy of everyday life and Walter Benjamin's trip to Moscow'), in Monsieur Antipyrine vol. 3, Forlaget Antipyrine (Copenhagen 2017), pp. 233-245.

Conference papers

  • ‘Unity and Diversification': The systematic function of the concept of ‘race' in Kant's philosophy of history' at the Society for European Philosophy and Forum for European Philosophy annual conference. (2017).

  • ‘Twisted Sounds – How to Make a Canon Speak Differently' at Women and the Canon, Christ Church College, Oxford University, Oxford (2016).

  • 'The Arabesque of Time – Walter Benjamin and Historical Time' at Capitalism as Religion, The Royal Danish Academy of Art, Copenhagen (2015).