Miss Mayuri Vekaria

Research project: The sustainability of the NHS financial structure


The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on global and countrywide economies. The National Health System (NHS) in the UK is majorly funded by public funding. Considering the impact the pandemic has had on the budget of the entire country, this study will focus on the financial stability of the NHS. By scrutinising the existing financial structure of the NHS, this study will aim to identify efficiencies and inefficiencies in the use of funds to allow for optimal performance at a lower budget. 


I am an aspiring researcher and professional accountant. I started my career in professional accountancy practice in Uganda, after completing my ACCA exams, I moved to the UK to further enhance my career with an MSc. I am currently working in a local accountancy practice. Throughout the MSc journey, I enjoyed research work, I have also had the opportunity to be a research assistant alongside my professors and it is a great learning experience. 

Areas of research interest

  • Earnings management
  • Financial structure
  • Board characteristics
  • Firm performance
  • Financial reporting
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Research and Development costs


  • MSc Accounting and Finance
  • Association of Certified Chartered Accountants - Affiliate
  • Association of Business Executives - Diploma in Business Management